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Digital Camera Accessories: Portable Storage Solutions

December 1st 2005

Digital Camera Accessories: Portable Storage Solutions

EasyShare Picture Viewer

Shooting a lot of pictures is easy for digital camera users. Shooting too many to conveniently keep on your camera's memory card can be a problem. Here're some great solutions.

Most of the time, digital camera accessories like a CompactFlash card, Secure Digital card or Memory Stick are sufficient for capturing a few hours of casual shooting.

But what about a really long day of photography like a wedding? Or how about going on vacation for two weeks? Do we really need to drag along a laptop computer so we can transfer our images and keep shooting? Or buy additional memory cards that we probably won't use again until next year?


A good solution is a portable storage unit—a lot smaller and lighter and less expensive than a laptop or a dozen or more memory cards!  Here are a few popular units for the memory-hungry digital photographer.

Kodak EasyShare Picture Viewer:  The Kodak EasyShare is a tiny credit-card size external storage and picture viewer with a 2.5-inch LCD screen.  You can store over 150 pictures, and view even more from SD/MMC and magnify 2x for a closer view. Transfer pictures using USB for Windows and MAC.

-   Dimensions: 3.4 × 2.3 × 0.5"
-   Weight: 2.4 oz

Nikon Coolwalker MSV-01, 30GB Portable Data Storage and Photo Viewer:  The Nikon CoolWalker works as an external USB 2.0 hard drive for Windows and Mac, and allows direct downloading of digital images from CompactFlash, MicroDrive and SD cards via card slot.

The Nikon Coolwalker supports JPEG, TIFF, NEF (RAW), Motion JPEG, and WAV formats. Direct printing is via PictBridge support. A 2.5" color TFT LCD provides an easy interface and simple operation. Computer connection is by fast USB 2.0

-   Dimensions (WHD): Approx. 81 X 130 X 35mm (3.2 X 5.1 X 1.4 in.)
-   Weight: Approx. 350g (body with battery) (12.4 oz.)
-   Remote Control: Infrared remote control unit (maximum operating distance: approx. 5m)
-   Power: Rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL6 (2000mAh), AC adapter (supplied)


Olympus S-HD-100, 40GB Hard Drive Stand Alone Storage: With the Olympus S-HD-100, you can connect your Olympus IR series digital camera or, with the PA7 adapter to other popular cameras, to store, backup or organize all your images.
With the right digital camera accessories even when you need to be shooting all day you’ll be good to go.

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By Rod MacTaggart
Rod MacTaggart is a freelance writer who blogs for Samys Camera. www.samys.com


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