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The War in Iraq has become an Occupation

December 4th 2005

The War in Iraq has become an Occupation


Many who believe the US should be fighting in Iraq compare the war with World War II.  Those that oppose the war in Iraq compare the war with Vietnam.  I am one of those that don’t see a connection with WWII other than we had a “Pearle Harbor” on September 11th 2005. 

But was that when the war started?  There are many terror attacks around the world for various reasons.  According to Osama Bin Laden we were attacked for two reasons.  One was our support of Israel and the other was because of our stationing of Troops in their Holy Land, Saudi Arabia. 

The war in Iraq was originally sold to the American people as an urgent measure to prevent Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) from ending up in the hands of terrorists ready to strike the US.  President Bush told us that the administration knew the tonnage of chemicals and biological agents.  He also claimed Saddam was seeking nuclear material.


Hindsight is 20/20.  There were no WMD.  Many supporters still claim that even President Clinton believed that there were WMD, as if Clinton was their guru and to blame for being wrong also. 

All of this is water under the bridge.  The US is occupying the country of Iraq against he wishes of the rebels (ie the insurgents).  The war is more like Vietnam than World War II – we are caught in middle of a civil war. 

I believe the mission is complete.  We have investigated the WMD claim and have toppled the government of Saddam Hussein.  It is time to start pulling our troops out of Iraq.

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By Tom Madison
Freelance Writer

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