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If Abortion is Murder then Should the Women be Executed

December 16th 2005

If Abortion is Murder then Should the Women be Executed

Abortion = Murder?

For decades pro-life advocates have said that abortion is the equivalent of murder.  They did not call it manslaughter or an infraction.  They called it murder, a felony.  In fact murder is the most egregious felony there is and is punishable by death in many states.

Now it looks like the Pro-life crowd is getting their way and the pro-choice crowd will lose their right to abortion (or to kill their baby according to the Pro-lifers).  What does this mean? 

What if the Supreme Court rules that human life begins at conception?  Well first off the abortion clinics will close down.  I am sure many pro-lifers will welcome that.  That will not be the end of abortions though.  The abortion pill RU-486 will likely be used as an alternative to surgery and has already become commonplace. 

Next the investigations will begin.  These would be murder investigations, after all abortion = murder, right?  Police and prosecutors all around the country will have to start investigating these crimes.  This is not about determining if someone made a bad decision.  It would about murder.

Here is a dilemma: Many of the pro-life people favor the death penalty.  This means that if a person is convicted of murder they will be executed by the state, if that state has the death penalty.  These cases are going to be very costly, but that is OK because murderers deserve the death penalty.

Most states will probably abolish the death penalty after the Supreme Court rules that life begins at conception.  There may be some that can reconcile killing women that kill their unborn child, but the vast majority of the people will not accept it, I think. The maximum for murder will likely be life in prison without the possibility of parole. The only good thing that will likely come from the banning of abortion will be an end to the death penalty. 

Most pro-life advocates donít believe murder should be done at all, let alone in private.  It is not a matter of a young persons mistake.  This does not play into a murder case unless the person is a minor. The person that aborted the child will still be charged with killing another human being.  The next order of business is determining the punishment for intentionally killing another human.

Roe vs Wade was based on a technicality Ė the privacy issue.  It does not make sense to be allowed to murder a baby in private.  So next time you see abortion protesters outside a womenís clinic chanting and asking women to not kill their baby, think about what they are really saying.

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By Tom Madison
Freelance Writer

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