How to Get a Super Wide and Incredibly Thick Back—Fast

How to Get a Super Wide and Incredibly Thick Back—Fast

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My personal opinion on why so many people do not have the back development they desire, either just to look good for the beach or for a contest, is because the back is well for lack of a better way of putting it, in the back, you know out of sight out of mind.

Plus since you cannot really see you back while you train it I feel a lot of people do not have a very good mind muscle connection with the muscles that make up the back.

However, do not worry, in this article I am going to show you methods you can you to increase you back width and thickness fast!

First up on our list of back attack exercises is wide grip pull ups (palms facing away from you) these to my mind are the king of all back widening exercises, however, there is a problem with them, most people are not strong enough to do enough reps.

But instead of quitting here is what you should do, pick a number, say ten pull ups and just do as many sets as it takes to get to that number. Yes, even if you need to do ten single pull ups, do it this way.

But here is the thing, I do not want you to pull you self up any old way, no, pull your self up trying to feel the lats working, at the top hold it for a count and give your muscles a good squeeze.

Same goes for lowering yourself, do not just drop down to quickly start another rep, lower yourself slowly and again try and feel the lats working, pause at the bottom and give you lats a good stretch and then start (if you can) another rep.

I would rather someone do, one or two really good reps than jerk and heave themselves up for ten or more reps, first, this is doing nothing to widen the lats because chances are they are not even getting worked, and second, this a good way to severely injure a shoulder, and once you have do that, forget training hard for a while.

That is it for back width, I know the pull up seems like a very simple and very basic exercise, however, most of the time in the gym as in life, the basics are the best, and the chin up is no exception.

Trust me work the chin up hard and you will be rewarded with a wider more impressive back.

Next up is back thickness, and for back thickness you cannot go wrong with dead lifts, now I am not talking about doing dead lifts from a rack or something like this, I am talking about doing dead lifts from the floor.

When you break it down the dead lift is (again) basic, the simple act of picking something heavy off the floor. Of course, it is was more complex than this, and it goes beyond the scope of this article to teach the finer points of the lift, but if you take the time to learn the lift your whole back will improve.

Simply put the dead lift will work your whole back form top to bottom, and to be brutally honest, are in my book, because they involve almost the whole body, one of the best exercises anyone can do.

Now I realize some people feel they are bad for the back, but this just is not true, any, I mean any exercise can and will hurt you, if your form is terrible.

So please do your body a favor and learn how to do EVERY exercise perfect, first, and then worry about pilling on the plates, not only will you help yourself stay injury free, but you will make better gains as a result.

To learn how to correctly do dead lifts you have a number of choices but the one I like best is to ask around at your gym and find someone who is really good at the lift, and learn from this person.

As an aside you can check out your local library for books on bodybuilding and learn from these as well, and to be honest when I started this is how I learned to lift.

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I know I have only listed to two exercises above, but this is because I feel these are the top two for getting width and thickness, and also because today I feel a lot of trainers, especially ones new to bodybuilding, get to caught up in doing tons of exercises.

This is not necessarily bad, but I will say it again, basics first, and then you can worry about the other stuff.

Give the two exercises above an honest try for a couple of months, and your back will be better than ever.




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