Panasonic shows off 32 GB SD Memory Card

Panasonic shows off 32 GB SD Memory Card

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[Best Syndication] Panasonic is showing off a 32 GB SD memory card. Considering that most stores only carry 4 GB at the time of this writing, it is exciting to think of all the potential that the compact storage will have to offer.

Panasonic announced their 32 GB SD card at the 2008 Consumer Electronic Show which is currently being held in Las Vegas. This year there has been a big advancement in technology that uses compact flash memory cards, especially camcorders.

The high-capacity SD card is only the size of a postage stamp. Panasoni has planned for a easy way to label your card both on the front and back of the card. Panasonic will also offer a wide variety of storage disks ranging from 1 GB to 16 GB. The newly revised SD cards from Panasonic are expected to arrive in store this Spring.

Currently the camcorder market has seen a transition into hard drives being built into camcorders with optional SD card support. There still looms the old tape formats, and at this time it would be a big mistake to invest in a tape based camcorder.

The future of camcorders will be based on the compact flash memory. It will use less battery power, record ample amount of footage, and be easy to transfer into a computer to burn your own home movies onto DVD.

When making the switch to digital media you will notice that your old tape based camcorder made a noise when recording your family photos. The picture quality is also greatly improved as well.

Not only will the 32 GB SD card be handy for camcorder technology it will be useful for a computers, multimedia MP3 / MP4 players. They are also used in digital cameras, handheld computers, and GPS navigation units. Panasonic is also incorporating their LCD and plasma TV’s to have SD slots for playing content from other devices. How handy is that!

By Dusty Rhodes
Best Syndication News Science Writer
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