Weight Training For Looking Years Younger!

Weight Training For Looking Years Younger!

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Women and weight training do not seem to go together in the same sentence purely and simply because of the images that are associated with women that weigh train. Many women believe that it involves lifting weight after weight and develop huge muscles but this is not the case. These myths need to be dispelled in order for women to see the health benefits of weight training.

Many women that do weight training do not have to actually lift weights to complete weight training exercises. It simply involves using your muscles. When you use your muscles, you burn more calories and can achieve a firmer and leaner body. This can actually result in you looking younger because the more toned you are, the better your body tends to look. Your arms, legs and stomach can become more defined and make you appear extremely fit! But how can you actually achieve this?

The following few paragraphs will give you a few ideas as to how you can weight train via various different workouts. The four below do not cost much and can actually help you o look a lot younger. We will tell you how!

Exercising With Resistance Bands

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to work out then look to resistance bands. They are extremely easy to use, readily available and effective if used correctly. You can use them within your own home to strengthen and tone the areas of your body that you want to work on. They work on all muscles, big and small, thus giving you a more complete work out. The resistance bands themselves come in a variety of strength categories so you can build your workouts up as you go along and are perfect for the beginner.

Gym Free Weights

If you are a member of a gym or want to join then just use the small hand weights there or purchase an inexpensive set of ladies hand weights. You can work out in front of the TV or at your own leisure, which makes it easier to stick to a regime. The weights start from 0.5kg so you can do as much or as little as you like and develop feminine muscles that take years off you!


Believe it or not, yoga is classed as weight training because you work out every muscle in your body using your own body weight. You do not even need equipment to do yoga. All you have to do is concentrate, follow the positions and clear your mind and you are go! Yoga is excellent for working the muscles so you should look into the possibility by attending classes, buying a book or purchasing a DVD.

Use Your Own Body

You do need to do anything for this one really and can use your own body at home, at work or when out and about. Just stretching every chance you get will work your muscles. For example, do a few sit ups, calf raises or squats to work your body, just resist against the movement!

As you can see, weight training takes many forms so you should take the chance to work out as soon as possible. All of the techniques above will help you to get in shape, work your muscles and lose a little weight. Now you know how to weight train, go for it and reap the benefits in the years to come!

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