Can I Pay My Mortgage With A Credit Card?

Can I Pay My Mortgage With A Credit Card?

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Yes you can. There are two ways to make a mortgage payment with your credit card.

The first way is to use the convenience checks that credit card companies send out every so often. These checks work like those you would write from a checking account, but they draw against your credit rather than available bank funds. You can write, sign and mail these off to mortgage companies.

The second way is to use an online billpay feature (such as the type available at MBNA). This allows you to pay a certain amount to the specified company. The amount will be drawn out of your available credit and paid to the mortgage company similar to a check.

The downside to these two methods?

You won’t receive any cashback, miles, points or other credit card rewards for these transactions; which is the main reason for paying with a credit card anyway.

So, is there a way to pay with a credit card and still get the bonuses?

Yes there is. Well, there was.

There was a time when you could purchase Charter One gift cards using your credit card. These worked just like ATM/Debit cards and could be loaded with up to $500 each.

Basically you just needed to purchase these gift cards, take them to an ATM and pay the withdrawal fee (around $3) and pocket the $497 cash, while still receiving your credit card bonuses. You could then deposit enough cash to pay your mortgage and write a check to cover the payment.

Of course, this all required a lot of planning, but being able to get cash from a credit card without paying huge cash-advance fees AND still getting your bonus rewards is a huge plus.

Naturally, this program was abused in this way, and when they realized they weren’t going to make much money from it, the program was cancelled.

But be on the lookout for another loophole like this, because they come up all the time!

By Ryan J Bell

Ryan is the owner of, a great resource for personal finance advice and tips



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