Anderson Cooper 360 TV show – Living Longer interview of Dan Buettner of Bluezones

Anderson Cooper 360 TV show – Living Longer interview of Dan Buettner of Bluezones

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Anderson Cooper interviewed Dan Buettner who is the founder of the website Bluezones which he has been interested in the secrets to living a long life.

Buettner has traveled to Costa Rica to find that this small country about the size of Connecticut has a better chance of living to 100 than people living in the United States. He told Cooper that he felt that most of the reasons for the so many people living to 100 in Costa Rica has more to do with lifestyle and diet. He said that only a small percentage of living a long life is related to genetics. He will be traveling back to Costa Rica with a group of researchers to pinpoint what exactly are these lifestyle and dietary habits that these people do to have such long and healthy lives.

Other areas, he calls blue zones are Loma Linda, California, and Okinawa, Japan. Why these zones have a large number of people living to 100? In Loma Linda, there is a large community of 7th Day Adventists that follow a vegetarian diet based on Genesis in the Bible. The people in Japan also consume a large amount of vegetable protein in the form on tofu. They also tend to each beans, nuts, and vegetables on a daily basis. Buettner says they would shop for most of their food in the produce section of the grocery store and would not likely eat a lot of processed foods.

Another interesting factor for determining how long you would live is what you believe that you will live to be. The psychological factor and belief that you will live to be 100 is more of a determining factor than what a doctor would tell a person.

Another reason a person lives a long life is that they have a strong family and a social network. People that live to be 100+ years are often very likeable individuals. Buettner describes these people as compassionate, generous, and interested. Because they are easy to like, they often receive better care from caregivers, which could also give them a longer life.

Staying physically active is extremely important. Buettner tells Cooper about a 100 year old woman that walks 2 miles every day and chops her own wood. Keeping your physical activity as you age seems to be common among those with longevity.

Sleep is also important. Buettner says that 7 hours of sleep each night is optimal, while more or less can shorten your life expectancy.

Other recommendations that Buettner offers is that you should avoid processed foods, and vitamin supplements don’t seem to be the secret to longevity, eating the right foods is the key.

If you are a woman born in December you have a better chance to living to 105 years of age, versus being born in June. This was a study that Cooper pointed out on the show.

The oldest woman in the world at this time is 114 year old woman living in Connecticut. She had 22 brothers and sisters and was born in 1892. She had siblings that lived to 108, 105, and two lived to 102 years old.

Think you will live to be 100 years old? You can take a free longevity test to determine if your lifestyles are in line with the centurions. The test is free and is available on Buettner’s website at .

By Mark Barone
Best Syndication Health Writer



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