The Changing Face of the NFL – Calmer and Gentler Coaches Go All The Way This Year – Super Bowl Matchup Between Bears Colts

The Changing Face of the NFL – Calmer and Gentler Coaches Go All The Way This Year – Super Bowl Matchup Between Bears Colts

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As we approach Super Bowl Sunday, I thought I would take a moment and report what others are saying about the game. Monica Lewis on says that no matter who wins on Sunday, it is a victory for “Black NFL Fans Everywhere”. She makes mention of 70 percent of all NFL players being black, but more importantly that for the first time in Super Bowl history, a black coach will win.

Ted Hutton of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel says that coaching comes down to the carrot and the stick. Coaches typically use the stick to tear down their players and to build toughness. But both coaches, Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith, are carrot guys. Although they are not completely “touchy feely”, they are not known for their cussing and yelling. Hutton says they do demand excellence though and “they do know how to deliver what needs to be said.”

The Bobby Knight approach may not be gone forever, but there may be some changes happening. Anthony Cotton of the Denver Post says the two African-American couches will certainly change the appearance of NFL coaching, but the unanticipated byproduct will likely be “more civility along the sidelines”

Cotton says there is no need to yell. “While the duo might not scream out and wash over their players with waves of spittle, it's very clear that both men have it,” according to Cotton. All it may take is a facial expression from the coach to get their players motivated.

Defensive end Alex Brown calls it “the Lovie look”. "He doesn't even have to yell," Brown said. "He gives you the look and just starts talking and you're going, 'Gosh, Coach, I know I messed up - I'm sorry I let you down."' Brown says this approach can cut deeper than any hurled insult.

Daniel Brown of the Mercury News says that although Dungy does not swear or yell, he can “fume”. Defensive coordinator Ron Meeks says that when Dungy is mad, he “looks exactly like Tony Dungy when he's not mad.”

Aircraft pilots are trained to remain calm even in the direst of circumstances. It may not be as fun for the spectators who would rather see Bill Cowher spittle, but this is obviously how these coaches function. Quarterback Peyton Manning says “That calm look on his face is there whether it's the preseason or if we're going for it on fourth-and-one in the Super Bowl.”

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By Dave Reddy
Best Syndication Sports Writer



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