LOST TV Show back on this Wednesday – Holloway Interview with Elle Magazine

LOST TV Show back on this Wednesday – Holloway Interview with Elle Magazine


[BEST SYNDICATION] ABC’s LOST TV show is coming back this Wednesday, with a two hour show. This way we can get the cobwebs out of our memory and start to remember where we left off since this fall.

To help you remember the last cliffhanger, Ben/Henry, one of the Others, is on the operating table with Jack performing the surgery. He stops in the middle and insists that Kate and Sawyer be released and if they walkie-talkie to say they are safe, he will finish the surgery.

The next shows will have more information about the Others, and have flashbacks to help tell why they are on these islands. These upcoming shows are supposed to be good, and intriguing. The stuff that got us wanting to see more in the first place, and without long breaks in between shows we should be happy with the upcoming shows.

Kate and Sawyer expressed there lust towards each other on LOST while being caged. Sawyer is played by actor, Actor Josh Holloway. In an interview in the March issue of Elle magazine, Holloway tells of his real-life sexual fantasies.

He was asked which man on the show he would sleep with if his life depended on it. He would Jorge Garcia, 33, who plays Hurley saying, "Jorge, because I know at least he'd cuddle me good afterward."

Holloway admits to fanaticizing about older ladies saying, "I've fantasized about Barbra Streisand. And I saw Sophia Loren at a restaurant a couple years ago and I thought, 'I'd still go there'."

He admits that he was always the one who would dump the others in his relationships, that is until he met is wife Yessica, 29. When Holloway would write a break up letter, Yessica would one up him with her own letter. He tells Elle about dating Yessica, "At the very beginning," he says, "when I felt it getting pretty serious I went, Uh-oh, and wrote the goodbye letter. But then she promptly wrote another letter that trumped it. So I stayed."

Sounds like the next episodes of LOST will be good ones. There are reports that they will focus more on the survivors of the airplane crash again, and less on the Others.

By John Stanton
Best Syndication Entertainment Writer



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