Oprah TV show – The Secret DVD explaining The Laws of Attraction in our Universe

Oprah TV show – The Secret DVD explaining The Laws of Attraction in our Universe

The Secret (Hardcover) Rhonda Byrne

Oprah had a secret on yesterday’s TV show. The secret is about a DVD called “The Secret” which is an instructional documentary show that offers insight on how to make this world work with you not against you.

Once you find out the secret your life will change. It is metaphysical in a way, scientific in some ways, and it questions how we look at this world. The “secret” is that what we think, feel, and believe is what we attract to us. So if you don’t have the right ideas you are like a magnet and will collect a life that reflects these problems.

The producer of “The Secret” DVD is Rhonda Byrne who is a woman from Australia. Before she discovered the “secret” she was surrounded in a world that was falling apart. She had financial problems, her father died, her mother was grief stricken. She started reading a book called “The Science of Getting Rich.” It gave a glimpse of the secret. She was further prompted to study this subject by reading hundreds of books, listening to hundreds of hours of audio on the subject and studied the internet as well. In around 2 ½ weeks of this study she found the source of the secret. She felt so moved by this information that she needed to make a movie explaining what she had discovered.

The idea of the secret is that you are like a magnet, what you think, feel, and believe is what eventually will surround your life. Oprah said that she has always lived her life by this idea. This law of attracting what we desire in your life by what you are thinking and feeling may be the key to having abundance.

Oprah had a panel of experts on this idea including:

Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Jack Canfield.

Lisa Nichols, who was raised on the tough streets of Los Angeles, grew up to make millions by becoming a motivational speaker for children that have the same difficult childhood that she had.

James Arthur Ray was an awkward kid that used weight lifting in his 20’s to gain weight. He was injured in an automobile accident, almost became bankrupt, but today he runs a multimillion dollar corporation that motivates people to create wealth in all areas of your life.

Dr. Michael Beckwith started out as becoming a drug dealer that got arrested. He had a spiritual awakening after the arrest that changed him. He is the minister at the Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles.

The panel discussed the secret. They say that we all have our own magnetic power. The things that we do affect how we feel. You need to focus on goals and visions of where you want to be in life. What you focus on is what expands in your life. The feelings and thoughts are what generate our surroundings.
James Arthur Ray said that there are three things that affect our surroundings; thoughts, feelings and actions. Make a decision where you are today were you want to be in the future.

Everything is energy. Our bodies are made of energy on the smallest level. Thoughts are measurable with scientific equipment. Feelings are related to thoughts. Feeling gives a tone to your life. The Universe will match those feelings like a mirror. The like feelings are matched back to you.

Oprah suggests that everyone have a gratitude journal. If we have gratitude today, which is a feeling, the future will be reflecting this gratitude back toward you.

Dr. Michael Beckwith said that without gratitude nothing new will come into your life unless you are already grateful for what you have.

Lisa Nichols says that you should live in the moment to always appreciate what is presently in your life. This will help create a space for what is better in the now.

The secret is being able to help control your circumstances. When you are unaware of your thoughts and feelings creating your reality you don’t understand why your life is a mess. If you learn how to control your thoughts and feelings you can put out orders like at a restaurant and have your life prepared like you would desire. You are in sending out unconscious orders even if you are not aware that these orders are being placed.

Avoid thinking thoughts such as “I’m surving”, “I’m hanging in there.” Instead become enthusiastic about life, say and feel that,”I’m great” and “I am feeling really good.”

Another idea is that we teach people how to treat us. We have to send out the right messages with our thoughts and feelings.

Our culture confuses the idea of success with celebrity. Success in life can be very different for everybody. You need to figure out what your identity is and what makes your life truly successful.

A couple that was suffering from the marital blahs had zero intimacy for a year. The wife watched the video and was really changed by it. She also showed her husband the video and it has ignited their love towards each other again. The wife admits that she has watched “The Secret” video 62 times. She learned that thoughts and feelings get bigger and bigger. You need to focus on what you want to get bigger and bigger.

Another important video that discusses the possibilities of creating your reality is called “What the Bleep”. The documentary discusses different ways to look at the world, creating your reality, what thoughts do to water drops. The possibilities of quantum physics are discussed with reference to the slit lamp experiments.

DVD Trailer "The Secret"



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