New Technology Converts Garbage Into Energy – Trash Can Be Used TO Create Electricity -Converts Hazardous Waste To Safe Material

New Technology Converts Garbage Into Energy – Trash Can Be Used TO Create Electricity -Converts Hazardous Waste To Safe Material

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(Best Syndication) A company in Connecticut says they have a developed a system of converting garbage into energy. The machine is similar to what Dr. Emmett Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd) in “Back to the Future” used to power his car, except bigger.

The Startech Environmental Corporation’s solution may help solve two problems – trash collecting in landfills and our energy problem. The process does not involve burning the garbage, but uses plasma energy to break the molecular bonds of the material without producing any pollution. The bi-products include various non-hazardous substances ready for “commercial use”.

Don’t confuse this with incinerators that burn the trash. This process involves a plasma arch that turns the matter into a gaseous form. Plasma has sometimes been called the fourth state of matter, and has been used in other industrial processes including welding. The converter breaks the molecules down into their individual elements (atoms).

The system can be used to convert hazardous waste into non-hazardous waste. The end product can be used for bathroom tiles and other construction products. Since the converter is a closed-loop system, there is little danger of pollution. They say that they can covert any hazardous waste (except for nuclear waste) into an “obsidian-like silicate” and “recyclable metals”.

There is a gas byproduct produced as well. Startech calls the gas a “Plasma Converted Gas” (PCG). The “syngas” (or synthetic gas) can be used as a clean fuel or a chemical used in feedstock, according to the company.

Two important things to keep in mind: The process can produce more energy than it uses and it converts hazardous and non-hazardous waste into useable materials. The process could be used in the future at landfills; instead of burying trash in the ground, it can be used to generate energy and usable material.

I first saw an article on the subject in the March 2007 issue of Popular Science. Just think: These companies that dispose of our waste can help save the environment and make money in the process. It could help solve our energy problem and our waste problem with one solution.

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By Dusty Rhodes
Best Syndication Science Writer



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