Donald Trump in a WWE Raw event – Ricky Martin flips the Bird – Madonna aspires to be Ghandi and Jesus

Donald Trump in a WWE Raw event – Ricky Martin flips the Bird – Madonna aspires to be Ghandi and Jesus

Madonna: GHV2 (Greatest Hits Volume 2)

Donald Trump in a WWE Raw event Loser Shaves their Hair – Ricky Martin flips the Bird to President Bush – Madonna aspires to be Ghandi and says everyone should be Jesus Christ

The good the bad and the wow, did they just do and say that. The good, Donald Trump and WWE tycoon Vince McMahon are going to settle a feud in the “WWE Raw” ring. The WWE fight will have the pros of wrestling fighting on the behalf of Trump and McMahon. The loser will have to shave off their hair. The event happens tonight on USA at 8/7 CT. Trump told McMahon after a heated conversation during a wrestling event, “I am here to challenge you to a match at WrestleMania and I am going to kick your ass!”

McMahon responded that he is physically unable to fight himself and offered a counter offer, “I have a proposal for you. Why don't I find someone to represent me, and you find someone to represent you?”

“You’re on!” Trump said. “But let’s make this a little more interesting. As you know, I have quite possibly the most famous head of hair in the world, and for years, people have questioned if yours is even real!”

“At WrestleMania, if my guy loses, you can shave my head,” said Trump. “But if your guy loses, I’m going to shave your head!”

Looks like those watching will be former contestants of his reality show “The Apprentice” and Rosie O’Donnell. Keep tuned for Trump’s new hairdo.

Ricky Martin expressed his dislike for the current President Bush by signing about him and flipping the middle finger at the same time. This expression of dislike for Bush got the crowds in the audience cheering in Puerto Rico during his new Black and White Tour.

Martin was invited in 2001 to perform at President Bush’s inaugural party. Photos of him and the Bush are standing together. Will he be harassed like the Dixie Chicks for their outward expression of this Presidential leader?

Madonna, why does she go to extremes? Well on an interview on yesterday on Sirius Satellite Radio she wants to be more than just a celebrity, she really wants to be much more than that. She says that, "I want to be like Gandhi and Martin Luther King and John Lennon – but I want to stay alive."

At least she is reasonable enough to keep her safety in mind while she pursues her higher self. But then she continues to explain why she chose to hang herself from a crucifix cross during her concert. She reached even further by saying that she needs to be Jesus, heck all of us need to be Jesus. She said, "For me we all need to be Jesus in our time." Maybe she should have included the word - like - in there. I don’t know it seems like the religious leaders will be even more outraged with Madonna with this interview.

She did say that during her concert she plays video of people suffering with AIDS and orphans in Africa. "Jesus's message was to love your neighbor as yourself, and these are people in need. I hope that people got that message.” Maybe her fans will realize what wrong they did by paying for a high cost concert ticket and not sending the money to Africa. Is it her fans that will be offended?

Madonna continues to explain, "Of course some people thought 'Oh, she's just being controversial, she's just getting on a cross and trying to piss people off,' but that wasn’t my intention at all."

Well she sort of got it right, I am sure that many religious leaders will educate her some more about Jesus. If you missed the interview with Madonna you can catch it on a rebroadcast on Saturday at 1 P.M. ET on Serius Radio channel 109.

By John Stanton
Best Syndication Entertainment Writer



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