Oprah interviews Psychics - John Edwards and the real Medium behind the TV Show

Oprah interviews Psychics - John Edwards and the real Medium behind the TV Show

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On today’s Oprah TV show she interviews John Edwards and Allison Dubois, who both possess psychic and medium abilities. Oprah also discusses the science behind psychic abilities.

John Edwards has a television show that helps connect the deceased with their surviving family. On Oprah he does a reading for a couple of families that have lost a loved one. There was a bit skeptic by those working with Edwards, but found that some of the things said were too personal to be a hoax by looking up personal information in a database.

John Edwards was told as a boy by other psychics that would visit his mother’s house that he will be able to talk with the dead, and will be on TV one day.

Oprah asked Edwards how he connects with these dead people. Why doesn’t everyone talk with the dead? Edwards explains that he doesn’t see or hear them in a traditional way. He is receiving an impression of the energy that the dead person is sending out.

Oprah wanted to know if Edwards is always seeing dead people. He said no.

Where are these dead people? Edwards said that it is the great beyond, heaven. He would try to ask some of them that he got strong impressions from, but they didn’t answer his question.

He says that these dead people have to lower their electrical frequency to communicate, while he has to raise his electrical frequency to connect with them. He accomplishes this energy increase through meditation and prayer.

He will have a show on We network in the coming weeks. He also has authored a number of books on the subject and even teaches you to develop your own psychic abilities in the audio CD called, “Unleashing Your Psychic Potential.”

Allison DuBois is the real life medium and psychic that the popular NBC TV show “The Medium” is based upon. There are around 10 million viewers that tune into this crime solving psychic TV show.

DuBois saw her dead grandpa when she was a child; later in her teenage years she was told in her mind that she needed to move her bed. She moved her bed, and hours later a truck ran through her house into her bedroom, missing her completely. If the bed wasn’t moved she would have been killed.

Later she was studying criminal law and got premonitions about these cases. She wrote a letter detailing what she thought and faxed it to the police in that area. She got a phone call questioning her about the information that she provided as the information on the case has not been released.

DuBois has since become a medium and psychic crime profiler. She has helped police to locate missing persons and help to find clues to numerous crimes.

On the show she was helping on a case in Arizona to locate the body of a missing 19 year old. She said that she feels that they will find her body in the next two weeks, and that she was killed after a date rape went wrong. As she did her reading she would write down the clues that she would receive. She said that she tries not to get personal about it because she is able to see what the killers see.

DuBois said that she spent 4 years with scientists to help them in researching psychic and medium abilities. She has written a book called “We Are Their Heaven: Why the Dead Never Leave Us.” She also added in that emotional based people are more likely to connect to their psychic abilities than a person that is more pragmatic in their thinking.

From the scientific side of the fence Oprah had Dean Radin who is the author of the book, “ Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality.” He adds to the discussion by saying that thousands of studies have been conducted with psychic phenomenon and there is real evidence that some psychic abilities are real.



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