Apple iPhone – The Cell Phone Gadget that does it all

Apple iPhone – The Cell Phone Gadget that does it all

Apple iPhone

While everyone loves their Apple iPod, they also love their cell phone equally as much. This is why more technology is being built into cell phones, and why the Blackberry is a hit for internet and email users. The Apple iPhone will incorporate the iPod MP3 music player, along with internet access with a large 3.5 inch touch screen.

The internet browsing software is Safari, and you can be reading a webpage while in the background you can be downloading your email. There is also quick access to maps, and widgets that will have stock quotes and weather reports.

The iPhone is controlled with a multi-touch screen interface and also with a full soft QWERTY keyboard. The touch screen is easy to navigate with your fingers and you can use the onscreen keyboard to type in messages. The iPhone will autocorrect typing so that it will be easier to work with the keyboard. It does look a little bit difficult to use a touch screen to type with and a regular keyboard would be great. Possibly a Bluetooth keyboard accessory for the iPhone will be released.

Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR technology is built into the iPhone so you can have wireless headsets that set up with ease. The unit is built around Apples OS X operating system which acts more like a computer than a cell phone allowing for multiple applications to run at the same time.

The iPhone will rotate the screen from a portrait to a landscape by rotating the unit. You will get optimal use of the screen for what you are currently working on. To save on power, the iPhone will sense when you have it up to your ear and are talking on the phone. It will turn off the screen automatically to conserve on the battery. It also has an auto adjust for brightness contrast so that it is easier to see in outdoor settings as well as indoor locations.

The bad news is that the iPhone won’t be released until June this year in the United States. It will also cost around $600. It has a lot of neat design features built into the Apple iPhone. But I wonder if the Blackberry still will win in the end for durability.

By Dusty Rhodes
Best Syndication Science Writer



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