Microsoft Criticizes Google For Copyright Lazziness After Launching Their Own Book Search – Google Launched Competing Office

Microsoft Criticizes Google For Copyright Infringement After Launching Their Own Book Search – Google Launched Competing Office Suite

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(Best Syndication) Microsoft associate general counsel, Thomas C. Rubin criticized and basically accused Google of violating publisher copyrights. At the American Association of Publishers in New York Tuesday, of which both Google and Microsoft are both members, Ruben said that the worlds most popular search engine undermines the incentive to create.

On Monday Rubin criticized Google in a newspaper editorial, and then Tuesday said "In my view, Google has chosen the wrong path for the longer term because it systematically violates copyright and deprives authors and publishers of an important avenue for monetizing their works. In doing so, it undermines critical incentives to create."

But why is Microsoft complaining now? A Business Week report by Catherine Holahan suggests that it might be to promote their own book search which was launched last December, years behind Google’s Book Search. Hoahan says “An obvious, albeit small, benefit is raising awareness of Microsoft's competing book search product.”

Microsoft was slow to come to market with their book search, putting the company at an extreme disadvantage. Microsoft used to be the darling for investors during the 1990s, but has since lost some ground to Google. Google has dominated the search business by providing superior results, even when compared to Yahoo (according to a vote by "eyeballs").

Last month Google also launched a competing office product. Google Apps is in direct competition with Microsoft Office and for far less money (it is free). According to an article on February 16th in Info World by Juan Carlos Perez “Google Apps is free but Google plans to introduce a more sophisticated, fee-based version for large organizations.”

It is easy to use the new Google Apps for collaboration, according to the company. Google says their new Apps allow you to “Invite people to your documents / spreadsheets and make changes together, at the same time.” Microsoft could be worried about their premier Office suite.

Although there have been complaints of copyright infringement by some publishers and media producers, Google has helped content owners around the world promote their work. Google responded in a statement. "The goal of search engines, and of products like Google Book Search and YouTube, is to help users find information from content producers of every size," wrote David Drummond, Google's chief legal officer. "We do this by complying with international copyright laws, and the result has been more exposure and in many cases more revenue for authors, publishers, and producers of content."

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