ABC’s Good Morning America teams up with SELF Magazine for "Challenge Yourself" 3 Month Weight Loss Challenge

ABC’s Good Morning America teams up with SELF Magazine for

Self Magazine's Challenge Website

Hate to work out in the gym? Don’t want to be on a “diet”? Well ABC’s Good Morning America is working with SELF Magazine to get people to lose weight. They have selected three participants Teri Davis, Cindy Cervantes and Michelle Lee to work on losing weight over the next three months which ABC's GMA will follow as they lose weight with an online blog on

What will be expected of them? Self magazine is on its 11th time around with the 2007 Challenge. You can sign up for free to participate in the Self Challenge, and it will give you advice on how to eat, healthy food choices and yes, an exercise plan.

So, yes you can lose weight by eating less and not exercising, but you still should think about working out and getting some exercise. That doesn’t mean that you will have to get a gym membership and tie yourself down to a treadmill. You can burn calories by dancing to your favorite music, or play a game of ping pong. Self wants you to do the aerobic exercises and weight training, but who says that you have to go to a gym to do this?

If you sign up on the website for the Challenge, you will be entered into their daily drawing and their grand prize for a trip to Paris for two.

Their website has a place for you to log in what you have eaten which helps keep you focused on the amount of food and calories that you are eating.

They also offer free workout video and MP3 workouts to help inspire you to get physically active.

You can also visit with others that are losing weight with a blog and see how others are doing on their weigh loss. It seems like a fun way to lose weight, and would be a great way to connect with others that also want to shed a few pounds.

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