Samsung i607 BlackJack Smartphone - Cell Phone Reviewed

Samsung i607 BlackJack Smartphone - Cell Phone Reviewed

Samsung i607 BlackJack Smartphone

This is the ultimate entertainment based cell phone, or should we say Smartphone. There are videos available from Cingular Video and MobiTV at additional cost to your base plan. You have access to news, sports, and weather video clips on your phone. Cingular has an exclusive partnership with HBO Mobile and HBO Family Mobile that further adds to the selection of videos available.

There is also MobiRadio that will pick up digital broadcast of radio stations. You can also add on a microSD/TransFlash memory card that will plug into the BlackJack that you have loaded with your favorite MP3 music. Always check what rates are extra for accessing different features in the phone and what comes standard when you sign up for service.

Samsung i607 BlackJack Smartphone works with Cingular wireless service. With a signed service agreement and rebates the phone is free with a couple extra bucks back in your pocket once you get the rebate check. With all cellular services, you would need to make sure it is available where you live and it uses a Broadband connection called UMTS and also has HSDPA support for fast internet connections.

The cell phone measures 4.4 x 2.3 x 0.5 inches and weighs only 3.5 ounces. It is compact, thin and lightweight.

The typing is completed with buttons that are backlit with a QWERTY layout. There is also a built in thumbwheel with 5 way navigation buttons. The built in 1.3 mega pixel digital camera also is able to record video clips and has a built in 2X digital zoom. The screen resolution is 320 x 240 with support for 65,000 colors.

The Blackjack will let you watch music videos, and keep up to date on entertainment news, and you can listen to your favorite music. Blackjack uses the Bluetooth 2.0 technology. You can hook up to six different Bluetooth devices at one time. You have full email support and you are able to add file attachments when you send and receive messages.

The BlackJack Smartphone is definitely for the music lovers out there, with the music videos accessible from Cingular. It is centered on entertainment with videos, pictures, and MP3 music. This seems like a fun phone to have, however, if you are looking for more business savy phones, you might want to check out the Blackberry 8700 series phones or the Motorola Q Phone.

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