Motorola Q Phone - Smartphone Review - Best overall Cell Phone with Internet support

Motorola Q Phone - Smartphone Review - Best overall Cell Phone with Internet support

Motorola Q Black Phone

The Motorola Q Phone is available with Sprint and Verizon Wireless Cellular companies. It has quite a resemblance to the popular BlackBerry phones, but is definitely it’s own design.

With a signed contract agreement with the Verizon Wireless cellular provider you can get a phone for free. Sprint has the Motorola Q phone that you can get for just under $100 with a signed contract. Make sure to compare the different provider's plans and what they offer with the monthly rate to insure that you are getting the best deal for your useage requirements.

Verizon Wireless has the Motorola Q phone in both black and in silver. It appears that Sprint is currently with the black model only.

The Motorola Q phone is compact and measures 4.57 x 2.52 inches. It is only .47 inches thick and weights in at a light 4.1 ounces.

There is full support for Bluetooth compatible devices including wireless head phones or car kits, but so are all the new technologically savy cell phones.

You can listen to music, watch videos, browse the internet and play games. It has stereo sound capabilities and has a 65,000 color display with a resolution of 320x240.

You can navigate with the traditional 5 button method, or you can use the 3-way scroll wheel that will allow you to use only your thumbs to get around the screen.

The keyboard layout is more like a regular keyboard, where the letters are not shared. So it will feel more natural to find as it looks more like the traditional QWERTY keyboard.

What can you do with the Motorola Q phone? You can send emails. There is a built in 1.3 megapixel camera where you can take pictures.

The cell phone built into the Motorola Q has a speaker-independent voice dialing system and speakerphone.

If you are in a EV-DO coverage area the Motorola Q internet speeds are similar to a home DSL line for data transfer. So you should check to make sure that you have this in your area.

Like the BlackBerry, the Motorola Q has email synchronization. You won’t have to check your email, it will find you and notify you of any new emails, if you have it configured to do this with your service. Motorola Q also has synchronization capabilities with Microsoft Outlook. Your Motorola Q phone can keep up-to-date contacts, calendar entries, tasks that you have entered into your desktop computer.

Motorola Q uses Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 5.0 so you can get many third party applications that will run on the smartphone. There is a 50 MB of RAM memory that the phone comes with, you can expand the memory by purchasing a miniSD memory card and inserting it into the phones Q slot on the side of phone.

This phone could be comparable to both the BlackBerry 8700 series and the Pearl phone. It seems like you get the perks of a Blackberry push like email service and at the same time have the fun of a built in camera and music playing like with the BlackBerry Pearl Phone.

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