Nintendo Wii outsells Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo Wii outsells Microsoft Xbox 360

Nintendo Wii Remote Controller

This past fall we saw the release of two popular gaming consoles, the Ninetendo Wii and the Microsoft Xbox360. A market research firm NPD found that the Ninetendo Wii sold the most game console units in the United States for the month of February. Ninetendo Co. Ltd., was excited with this accomplishment and announced their success of selling more than 335,000 Wii game console units.

One game system did outsell Ninetendo’s Wii, it was the portable Nintendo DS which sold 485,000 units. With these two top selling game consoles, Ninetendo has a 54 percent of the game console market than those of all other competing manufacturers combined.

"We're gratified that the explosive appeal of Wii, in terms of both new players and new ways to play, has created unprecedented demand, substantially beyond supply," says Reggie Fils-Aime, president, Nintendo of America. "But we also understand that there are hundreds of thousands of consumers still waiting to get their hands on the system so we continue to both ship more units to retail every week and work non-stop to build capacity."

Wii has become a family activity and entertainment for weekend parties says Nintendo. Not only is the Wii game consoles gaining favor among the young, the older folks are enjoying it as well. There are reports saying that the Wii is improving a person’s fitness and at the same time people say they are losing weight because it encourages a person to move around more.

I think it is funny to hear this, because my sister got the Ninetendo Wii and she said that her one arm hurt afterwards from the exercise that she got. I joked and said you better switch to your other hand or you will end up lopsided.

The Nintendo Wii sells for around $369.00. Different accessories are available for the controller, for instance you can get sports controllers, or a Nunchuck Controller.

NTDOY: March 16th last trade at 35.75 up 0.30

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