Donald Trump said she got Fired - Rosie O’Donnell leaving ‘The View’

Donald Trump said she got Fired - Rosie O’Donnell leaving ‘The View’

The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received
- Donald J. Trump

[Best Syndication] Rosie O’Donnell announced today that she will be leaving ABC’s ‘The View’ TV show at the end of this season. Donald Trump and O’Donnell have been publicly slamming each other over the last year.

People magazine checked in with Trump to get his expert opinion about O’Donnell leaving the show. When asked, what he thought about her leaving the show, Trump told them, “Well, she didn't leave The View, ABC fired her. They couldn't take it anymore. Her ratings, frankly, were good during the month of January when she and I were going at it, but they've been falling very steadily ever since. Her other show – her talk show – was canceled because of low ratings.”

Trump explains what he felt led up to her leaving the show. “The fact is that the reason she was fired in my opinion, was her comment at the Waldorf-Astoria two days ago. [O'Donnell made off-color remarks about Trump, among others.] I heard that was the straw that broke the camel's back.”

Trump was referring to O’Donnell’s emcee gig for New York Women in Communications Matrix Awards luncheon ceremony this past Monday at Manhattan's Waldorf-Astoria. O’Donnell made comments that were not appropriate in the presence of 17 high school and college students that attended this event. There was over 1,500 people attending, and Barbara Walters, who was also present, was also seen burying her head in her hands often out of what seemed like embarrassment from O’Donnell saying the F bomb.

O’Donnell told of an interview with Martha Stewart, who asked her what she missed most in prison. Stewart said in a matter of fact way, "The taste of lemon." Rosie raunchily added, "That's no bulls---. You couldn't write that in an SNL skit. That's real."

To top off the O’Donnell experience that day, Page Six, also reported that she concluded her rant about Donald Trump and her needing to lose weight, by grabbing her crotch and yelling out, "Eat me!"

O’Donnell disregarded that she was being fired by saying, "I wanted one year, they wanted three years," she said on ‘The View’ today. "It just didn't work. And that's showbiz, but it's not sad because I've loved it here and I love you guys and I'm not going away. I'm just not going to be here every day."

Barbara Walters said on ‘The View’ that it wasn’t her that let O’Donnell go, but the network and the negotiations.

"I induced Rosie to come back to television on The View even for just one year," Walters explained on the show. "She has given the program new vigor, new excitement and wonderful hours of television. I can only be grateful to her for this year. I am very sad that ABC Daytime could not reach an agreement with her for a second year."

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