Pinon Hills MAC Meeting A Full House – Debate Over Proposed Development Off SilverRock Road – Street Paving And Fees

Pinon Hills MAC Meeting A Full House – Debate Over Proposed Development Off SilverRock Road – Street Paving And Fees

Michael Orme

(Best Syndication) There was a large crowd at the Pinon Hills Municipal Advisory Council (MAC) Meeting Thursday night. There were other speakers, including Tim A Wessel of the San Bernardino County Fire Department, and Dennis Green of Caltrans, but nearly everyone at the meeting wanted to talk about the proposed Houts development near Pinon Hills Elementary School.

According to MAC member Don Slater, the development was originally slated for 78 homes on two and a half acre lots. Evidently there were people in the community who wanted some land devoted to an equestrian or sports park. In exchange for smaller one acre lots, the developer offered to set aside land for the park.

The new proposal included 152 lots, with 18.41 acres devoted to the park. With the new proposal, the developer offered to donate $1.52 million to the county for “area use / improvement”. The overwhelming consensus of those in attendance was “no” to the proposed 152 lot development.


County Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt sent his field representative to the meeting to inform the community of the two proposals. Michael Orme placed two large graphical maps of the proposals on easels.

Orme noted that the benefit to the county if the larger development is approved, is the donation of the park land and the money. Audience members countered saying that the disadvantage is the traffic and crime associated with the housing track.

The way the zoning is laid out right now, the developer could build 78 homes. The developer has built a similar track between Pionero Road and Beekley Road off Smoke Tree. For that development he set aside 30 acres for a park.

Representative Orme said that during the first meeting on the new proposal, half the room wanted an equestrian park while the other half wanted a sports park. He said that the roads in the development will be 44 feet wide with a horse trail on one side.

There was some confusion over what “connecting” roads would be paved for the community. Originally, both Goss and Silver Rock roads were to be paved. On Thursday, Orme said that although all the internal roads of the development will be paved, only Silver Rock would be paved to Phelan Road.

Since Evergreen and Wintergreen would join with Highway 138 (A State Highway), Caltrans has a say in the matter. Although Evergreen is currently the only road hitting 138 from the development, Caltrans said no to both. The submitted plans may not include paving Goss to Oasis.

This is part one of the meeting. The questions dealt with the roads and road fees. We will be publishing articles concerning the comments about potential crime and costs to the community for schools and law enforcement in another article soon.

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication Writer



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