Eliminate The Backswing Dip!

Eliminate The Backswing Dip!

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Our swing theory points you in the right direction and gives you a system of fundamentals to measure yourself against. In golf this is very important; however situations arise where you just can't figure out why you are having certain difficulties. Whether your problem is hitting behind the ball or hitting the ball thin, sometimes we are clueless to where the problem lies.

We teach a fairly horizontal swing plane in comparison to most. Even though there are major benefits to this version of the golf swing certain complications can arise very quickly. This tip in particular was designed to keep golfers from hitting behind the ball. My objective is to inform you of all areas of the golf swing so that when certain situations arise, you can adjust accordingly. And ultimately checkpoints pre-established.


The player(s) back shoulder in his/her backswing dips down; meaning that the back shoulder is lowering towards the ground. This is hard to do when you have no lateral movement or weight shift back and away from the target, as we teach. However, this is very common among players who have a horizontal swing plane. The tendency is to lower your back shoulder as your swing plane becomes more horizontal.

Please understand that if you dip your back shoulder in your backswing this could cause many different problems in you swing. Your timing, hand position at impact, weight shift through the ball, and follow-through position could all be negatively affected.


Fortunately there is simple solution. Go to the practice range and take a golf ball. Place the golf ball underneath your back foot (please make sure that ½ the ball is in the ground so that you don't fall over). If a ball is uncomfortable use a towel or something that is at least an inch off the ground. The ball/object should be placed underneath your back heel in order to ensure that you have no weight transfer and that your back shoulder does not dip in your backswing.

Then simply take your normal swing. If you choose you can hit a ball or you can just take a few practice swings. Focus on not dipping your shoulder in your backswing (keep your back shoulder up and not down). I guarantee that if you master this drill you will make solid contact with the ball on a more consistent basis. This drill will force you to practice a swing with no weight shift back and away from your target and simultaneously help you with dipping your back shoulder.

Practice this drill and be aware that if you are having difficulty hitting behind the ball at any point in your round, the problem could lie in shoulder position in your backswing.

By: David Nevogt

David Nevogt writes golf instruction material that helps golfers of all levels reach their full potential and lower their scores. David is the author of "The Simple Golf Swing" which guarantees to have you shooting lower in only 1 week. You can find more of his golf instruction by going to http://www.golfswingguru.com



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