Pinon Hills MAC Meeting Concerning Planned Development – Should Developer Build Homes On Lots Smaller than 2.5 Acres? Part 2

Pinon Hills MAC Meeting Concerning Planned Development – Should Developer Build Homes On Lots Smaller than 2.5 Acres? Part 2

Pinon Hills MAC Board

(Best Syndication) The first part of the May 3rd Pinon Hills MAC Meeting dealt with road construction. Assistant to County Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt, Michael Orme answered questions and presented both proposed developments. Orme told the audience that the developer had originally wanted to build on 2.5 acre lots but was approached by residents interested in a park.

The developer, Houts, agreed to an alternate plan, but asked for a variance on lot size. The original plans called for 78 homes on two and a half acre lots, but the new arrangement, which included nearly 20 acres of park land, would consist of 152 homes on smaller lots.

One question at the meeting concerned the short supply of water. The attendee said that Wrightwood has to buy water from the Zone L water district, and the future water supply is not certain. Orme said that that issue would need to be worked out.

MAC member Don Slater said that there is an advantage to the larger development. Since there would be an equestrian park, the homeowners would need to form a HOA (Home Owners Association). The HOA could then restrict the amount of “water thirsty landscaping” residents can plant.

Since homebuyers on 2.5 acres can do whatever landscaping they want, there may be an advantage to going with the larger development on smaller lots. Houts uses desert landscaping on their model homes, and the HOA could limit water use in the future.

MAC and Zone L Water Board member Mike Adams said that if the Community Service District (CSD) measure passes on the November ballot, the community may have a bigger say in the requirements for future developments. For instance, the CSD might be able to require the developer drill another well.

Don Slater said that “What the MAC board is trying to see here is whether or not over the long run, looking out 20 or 30 years from now, are we going to be happy that we created these parks?” He went on to say that there is no way to see where we will be by then “but odds are this community is going to be built up, and there wont be further lands available at a reasonable price for a park.”

When asked about the number of people living in the planned development, Orme said that the larger plan would produce more road fees. The 78 home development would generate $147,000 in road fees, but the 152 home development would generate $295,000 in road fees. This is based on the current road fee structure. The board of Supervisors is considering an increase in road fees for new homes.

Orme said that each new home generates about $1,935 in road fees. This is too low, according to the reprehensive. The Board is considering an increase to between $8,000 and $10,000 per track home.

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By Dan Wilson
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