Acupressure - Dr. Oz talks about Alternative Medicine Oprah TV show

Acupressure - Dr. Oz talks about Alternative Medicine Oprah TV show

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Dr. Oz visited on Oprah TV show yesterday and discussed a number of topics. One topic that he discussed and also demonstrated on Oprah was acupressure.

Acupressure is similar to acupuncture. Instead of using needles to trigger the nerves and energy flow in the body, you can use your fingers to apply pressure to different areas in your body to achieve similar results.

Acupressure is an ancient Fareast medicine. The idea is that there are energy lines called meridians in the body that can become disrupted or blocked. By triggering certain parts in the energy system you could restore energy flow in the body. While Western medicine does not practice energy medicine, Dr. Oz says that our current medical system haven’t been able to measure energy in the body, and that may be why it isn’t acknowledged.

Dr. Oz went to school thinking that he would have learned everything to diagnose patients, but often find that you will have a patient that do not have the standard symptoms. He suggests that possibly energy flow may be a reason for these unexplainable pains that patients may have.

Dr. Oz then went onto demonstrate acupressure on Oprah. He showed ways to relieve headaches and to help prevent motion sickness. Acupressure also is a great way to relieve stress. He showed how you can apply pressure to your hand, wrist, shoulder and you feet to treat different ailments. He even had the audience try acupressure on the person sitting next to them. Dr. Oz explained how the little toe is connected to the eye in acupressure. By applying pressure to your toe, you would be treating your eye. He was baffled by this, and when he researched more on why this was so, he found that the brain responded in the same area for the two very opposite ends of the body.

Dr. Oz suggested that a foot massage could do wonders for improving intimacy. By rubbing the bottom of the foot you get oxytocin hormone to be released, which gives us the warm cuddly lovey-dovey feeling.

Dr. Oz and Michael F. Roizen have worked together on writing a number of bestselling books about health. Here are a list of some of the popular titles:

• YOU: On A Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management

• YOU: The Owner's Manual: An Insider's Guide to the Body that Will Make You Healthier and Younger

• YOU: The Smart Patient: An Insider's Handbook for Getting the Best Treatment

The authors will be at the Los Angeles Convention Center on July 7th and 8th. You can get tickets to see seminar.

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By Nicole Wilson

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