Fred Thompson Position on Illegal Immigration Gun Control Abortion – Presidential Candidate Still Needs To Fill in Blanks

Fred Thompson Position on Illegal Immigration Gun Control Abortion – Presidential Candidate Still Needs To Fill in Blanks

Fred Thompson

(Best Syndication) Actor and politician Fred Thompson said that he will be entering the 2008 Presidential race, but has yet to clarify all of his positions. Thompson was elected Senator by Tennessee voters in 1994 to take over the slot after Al Gore became Vice President.

While Senator he backed Tennessee Gov. Lamar Alexander in the 2000 Presidential race. After Alexander dropped out, Thompson endorsed Senator John McCain's bid and became his national co-chairman. After announcing he would run for re-election after the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, he changed his mind and dropped out of the race.

The former Senator supports low taxes and free trade. On May 13, 2007 he told the ABC radio audience that "[Globalization] works to our benefit. We innovate more and invest in that innovation better than anywhere else in the world. Same thing goes for services, which are increasingly driving our economy. Free trade and market economies have done more for freedom and prosperity than a central planner could ever dream and we're the world's best example of that."

He has not made his position on abortion clear yet, but he has said that he opposes government funding of abortion, and characterizes himself as being pro-life. He has not called abortion murder yet, but has supported some pro-life legislation.

Although the actor is not a scientist, he does have an opinion on global warming. "Some people think that our planet is suffering from a fever,” Thompson said. “Now scientists are telling us that Mars is experiencing its own planetary warming: Martian warming. It seems scientists have noticed recently that quite a few planets in our solar system seem to be heating up a bit, including Pluto."

He is anti-gun control. When asked about the Virginia Tech massacre, he told ABC radio that "Whenever I've seen one of those "Gun-free Zone" signs, especially outside of a school filled with our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, I've always wondered exactly who these signs are directed at. Obviously, they don't mean much to the sort of man who murdered 32 people just a few days ago."

He told the National Review on May 30th 2007 that he has concerns about federal judges deciding social policy. "Many federal judges seem intent on eliminating God from the public schools and the public square in ways that would astound our founding fathers. We never know when a five to four Supreme Court decision will uphold them. They ignore the fact that the founders were protecting the church from the state and not the other way around."

Thompson says he believes in protecting the borders. "The government could start by securing our nation's borders,” Thompson said. “A sovereign nation that can't do that is not a sovereign nation. This is secondarily an immigration issue. It's primarily a national security issue. We were told twenty years ago if we produced a comprehensive solution, we'd solve the illegal immigration problem. Twelve million illegals later, we're being told that same thing again.”

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By Dan Wilson
Best Syndication News Writer

Lt. Governor Peter Kinder Urges Sen. Fred Thompson to enter the Presidential race for 2008.



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