Apple Safari browser now on the PC - Is it really that big of a deal?

Apple Safari browser now on the PC - Is it really that big of a deal?

Screenshot of PC version of Apple's Safari browser

[Best Syndication] I understand Apple diehards love anything to do with the product, including the browser, but I felt like after all the hoopla I had to download the PC beta version of Safari to take it for a spin. This is what I discovered about the Safari browser.

Not much of anything extraordinary, and I think their claims for speed on the browser should have an asterisk by it saying that some sites are fast to load. While they give you shortcut links to those fast sights on your browser, once you start to venture into sights that you haven’t been to before, they don’t seem any faster than the other browsers. Or maybe it is my imagination that I am missing something great here. Does the performance gain have to do with your internet connection speed? They did mention faster video watching, but hey, I guess I am not that into television on the internet. I turn on my old fashioned televsion and get my TV watching done there instead.

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Lack of bells and whistles makes me feel like why, would I want to switch to Safari? I enjoy the widgets in opera, and grouping tabs in Internet Explorer. I haven’t used Firefox much, but they too have extra bells and whistles too.

In Opera browser you change colors and themes with ease, making it kind of a fun browser to personalize it for you. In Safari, there is support for opening your own CSS file, but whom, except for the CSS geeks, are going to customize the browser?

I do give Safari thumbs up for the helping the vision impaired with making font size configuration very straight forward and easy to use. But at the same time, Opera, has a really cool feature for voice, which will recognize cues given by the user via microphone to read the web page to them. In addition to this Opera has an interactive zoom feature so that you can make your fonts bigger when you need them. So this leads me back to why would you want Safari?

Internet Explorer is mostly supported by all websites, but has some clumsiness about it, which makes me not use it all the time. I think that they are following Opera in trying to make their browser have more functionality.

If all you want is a straight forward browser with a built in RSS reader without the bells and whistles, then maybe Safari would be it for you. I somehow think though, that with as many hours that people browse the internet, they would be savvier than that, and want a few more tools at hand.

I guess Apple’s motto has been and always seems to have been to keep it really simple, and Safari has kept this idea true to the company.

I know that there will be people that will want to enlighten me onto this one. I am only one person, with an opinion of course, which means that I am certain there are great things about Safari that I have not encountered. Please let us know at the forum why you love Apple's Safari browser, and what I might have missed about this product.

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By Dusty Rhodes
Best Syndication Writer

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