Blockbuster Video Rentals will expand Blu-Ray DVD Rentals in more Stores

Blockbuster Video Rentals will expand Blu-Ray DVD Rentals in more Stores

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[Best Syndication] Blockbuster Inc. in the U.S., will be expanding their rentals to have Sony Corp.’s Blu-ray DVD format high definition available to rent at a total of 1,700 stores. Blockbuster said that more customers are chosing the blue-ray format during a 250 store test run.

There are a total of 8,000 Blockbuster stores worldwide. They will begin their expansion in mid-July. Never fear, blockbuster will also offer both formats online through their mailed rentals. There you can choose between HD-DVD or Blu-ray as well as regular DVD rentals.

They will have 250 stores that will continue to carry both HD-DVD and Blu-ray rentals. At this time Blockbuster reported that there was an significantly higher amount of rentals for the Blu-ray discs compared to the HD-DVD rentals.

The pros to the Blu-ray discs are they have a crisper picture, and have more space for special features compared with regular DVD movies. The HD-DVD has a little bit less storage capability. The pro to the HD-DVD is that it is less expensive to manufacturer players, burners and discs.

HD-DVD is not dead by the water, as they are readily available at a number of locations. You can buy HD-DVD formats at major electronic retailers that sell DVD movies. You can also rent them online at both Blockbuster as well as Netflix. Blu-Ray discs are also available at these locations too.

The battle for the favorite format is still in the works. Many consumers are hesitant to invest in the newer technology because they do not want to end up with an obsolete unsupported media format. Since HD-DVD does have a potential cost advantage, it still is up in the air for the long run weather Blu-ray will dominate the marketplace. Currently you have those that want the best quality investing in the HD equipment and players. But when it goes to the masses, cost is a definite factor and may be why HD-DVD may survive in the long run.

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By Dusty Rhodes
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