Jerry Yang Takes Helm Of Yahoo – Learn Why Company Lost Ground To Google – Blogger, Search, And eMail Services Compared

Jerry Yang Takes Helm Of Yahoo – Learn Why Company Lost Ground To Google – Blogger, Search, And eMail Services Compared


(Best Syndication) Yahoo founder and creator, Jerry Yang, has taken the helm of Yahoo! again after a six year absence which saw his search and Internet portal lose its lead to Google. The 38 year old Yang said "I'm ready to dig in and make sure we can take Yahoo to the next level. I'm absolutely not interim. We want someone for the long haul."

So what happened to Yahoo and why does Google make so much more money? Although Yahoo provides decent search results, the Google search algorithm is better. But the problem for Yahoo goes deeper than that. The company came in late on a few innovations which allowed Google to take the lead.

Soon after Google wrapped up their search they began accepting advertising. The company also allowed small and large publishers to present their ads on their site, while Yahoo was basically interested only in the larger sites. Google split the ad revenue with the website owners which motivated an army of content creators.

Yahoo recently opened their “Publisher Network” for small web publishers. Microsoft now has a similar program, but both companies were behind the curve here. Google already has big and small publishers plus the advertisers to go with it.

Google also created the preeminent blog network. Why has Blogger become so popular? Unlike Yahoo, Google allows bloggers to share in revenue. Yahoo’s blogs including Geocities places ads on the blog but the company does not share the revenue. Again, Yahoo failed to understand the motivating factors involved here.

Yahoo might be working on a revenue sharing search integration tool for web publishers, but here again Google was way ahead of the curve. If publishers had to choose between a revenue generating search and one that does not generate any revenue, Google was chosen. Both Yahoo and Microsoft missed the boat because site owners opted for the Google search.

To Yahoo’s credit they have had a great customizable home page. You can add content and gadgets. Google now offers a similar customizable home page. Google allows users to submit their own gadget creations. Here again, Google may take the lead because of the plethora of gadgets and customizations.

Yahoo has always been known for their news and information. A few years back Google began offering their version of a news portal. Neither Yahoo nor Google actually create news, but they will index work done by news organizations. Here again Yahoo decided to work with the large publishers only, including Associated Press and Reuters. Google chose to index over 4,500 news sources allowing people to retrieve local news and sports results.

Recently Google jumped into the e-mail business. The company decided to take it a step further. Other e-mail providers including Yahoo and Microsoft’s Hotmail made users pay a yearly fee for POP access. Their free versions required users to browse to their website to retrieve their mail. Google lets users access their spam-filtered G-mail from their email clients for free. These email clients include Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora and others. Google gives more options for free.

Yang is taking control of a company that is in a game of catch-up now. The Yahoo portal is still very popular but if he wants to stay on top he will need to make some innovations and learn to work with small publishers and advertisers.

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By Steven Potter
Best Syndication News Business Writer



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