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'America's Got Talent - Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne, David Hasselhoff - NBC

[Best Syndication] Last night we got a full two hours of auditions from Chicago on NBC’s ‘America’s Got Talent.’ It was cheesy, tasteless, and reminds me of the old ‘Gong Show’ without the gong.

So without much on television this summer, we tuned in to watch ‘America’s Got Talent.’ I guess we have succumbed to mediocrity along with the other 10.7 million viewers for the first hour of the show to a whopping 14.1 million viewers for the second hour. We enjoyed a couple of truly talented auditions and had to muddle our way through the rest of them.

I guess what bothered me the most was when Boy Shakira got put through, it wasn’t talent! The act was more of a gross out. He was dressed in drag and had a big belly as he giggled it around in trying to do a belly dance. Sorry, but David Hasselhoff was right to get peeved about this one. He got up and took a break after this one. Then he couldn’t believe that they put through Boy Shakira and wouldn’t put through an act with a bunch of kids dressed up like clowns.

There was a beatboxing girl that got put through, and while it was interesting, it really wasn’t the most talented thing that we saw all night.

The worst was a mime that sang! He sang, and not well.

There was little kids singing, and there were plenty of tears when they didn’t get put through to the next level.

I think that there was a lack of talent on most of the auditions, there was a few talented auditions, but where is all the talent?

So I guess we watched out of sheer boredom for what to watch last night. Plus we are waiting for Hasselhoff to speak his mind more about how these guys don’t have talent!

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By John Stanton
Best Syndication Writer

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