Google shows off Hybrid Car that charges the Power Grid

Google shows off Hybrid Car that charges the Power Grid

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[Best Syndication] Google has set up to achieve a number of philanthropic goals, one which includes reducing CO2 emissions. This goal has prompted investments into research on ways to improve Hybrid car technology that will get better mileage and give back electricity to the power grid.

The modified Toyota Prius showed off by Google is said to have more that 70 mpg fuel efficiency. The standard Toyota Prius uses 45 mpg. The extra electricity stored in the battery can be plugged into the power grid when it is not being driven and given back to the power grid, which they are calling vehicle-to-grid (V2G). If enough vehicles with this techonology was able to give back to the power grid, there would be less need for coal power plants.

By using hybrid cars to contribute to the power grid, it could reduce the amount of coal-burning power plants which contribute a large amount of greenhouse gases.

You can check out the information on and learn more about this vehicle. This is the specs listed on for this modified Toyota Prius vehicle:

73.6 MPG
1.4 gal/100 mi, 3.2 liters/100 km

113.9 Wh/mile
Watt hours used per mile

68% fewer
CO2 emissions
vs. the average car in America

This car is called a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle which gives you an extra ability to charge or uncharged the car like a traditional electric car. The vehicle also has the ability to use gasoline to power it as well so you won’t have to worry about running low on battery juice during a long drive, and your car will also charge the battery off of the gas engine.

Check out the video about the modified Google plug-in hybrid car.

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By Dusty Rhodes
Best Syndication Writer

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