More Games announced for Sony Playstation3 may improve sales of PS3

More Games announced for Sony Playstation3 may improve sales of PS3

Sony Playstation3 game console

[Best Syndication] Sony tries to up the sales of Playstation3 by announcing at least 380 new games to come out over the next year. This announcement is to help to compete with the extremely popular Nintendo Wii game console.

According to reports in gamer magazine publisher Enterbrain, a research firm NPD said that Nintendo Wii game consoles are outselling PS3 by two to one in the United States and three to one in Japan this year.

In order for Sony to compete, they intend to push for releasing more game titles. Sony discussed their goals at a shareholder meeting. Sony’s goal for the games will be 200 software titles available in traditional retail stores, and another 180 game titles that will be released through online download-only distribution. The games will be released now through next March.

Currently Playstation3 has 150 titles available both online and at traditional retail stores. Sony accounted an operating loss of $1.88 billion in the past business year mostly related to the expenses involved in the production of the new game console.

Nintendo Wii has been a difficult competitor; one reason is that it costs considerably less to buy. The games on Sony Playstation3 has been lacking, so that by expanding the game titles it hopes to gain back some of the market.

Nintendo's Wii game console has been outselling the PS3 by three to one in Japan and more than two to one in the United States so far this year, according to game magazine publisher Enterbrain and research firm NPD.

Sony promises more games to boost PS3 demand

Sony expects at least 380 new PlayStation 3 games to hit the market this business year and says that should rev up demand for the console that has so far lost out to Nintendo's wildly popular Wii.

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By Dusty Rhodes
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