New Wood-style Fence Is Fit For Outdoor Living Rooms

New Wood-style Fence Is Fit For Outdoor Living Rooms

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Whether trying to disconnect from technology, reconnect with nature or simply wind down from the everyday bustle, more of us are doing so in our new living rooms-the backyard.

According to the American Institute of Architects, the outdoor living trend continues to gain traction as Americans invest in upscale landscaping and outdoor amenities. In fact, this trend has become a way of life for many of us. We're looking to bring the indoors out and to do so with as little fanfare as possible. In other words, we want a beautiful space, without the upkeep.

If you are getting in on outdoor living, a good place to start is with a solid fence. More than an outdoor accessory, a well-built fence is the best way to gain a little privacy and define your personal outdoor space.

The look of wood is one way to create warmth for a privacy fence, but with wood comes maintenance. Recently, CertainTeed Corporation, North America's leading building products manufacturer, introduced a vinyl privacy fence with the authentic look of wood. Unlike natural wood, this fence withstands the elements-rain or shine-because it is designed with exceptional impact strength and UV resistance. It's CertainTeed's Bufftech® Chesterfield privacy fence with CertaGrain™ authentic wood texture. Chesterfield CertaGrain comes in a variety of natural colors, including Autumn Brown, Natural Clay and White, which gives the look of a freshly painted fence.

What's more, who has time to repaint, restain or generally maintain a fence that ultimately degrades over time? According to Chris Bourque of CertainTeed, that is among the top reasons for designing the Chesterfield fence with the wood-emulating CertaGrain texture. "Many homeowners want a traditional-looking fence, yet wood is often less desirable because of the high maintenance and replacement costs. By combining easy-care vinyl with a true-to-life wood-grain texture, homeowners can have their cake and eat it, too. Or, in this case, have their outdoor living space and enjoy it, too."

After all, the idea behind this outdoor living revolution is about winding down and taking time to enjoy life. By opting for a low-maintenance vinyl fence that emulates the warm look of wood, you can get the best of both worlds and will likely be the envy of your neighbors.

By: Wendy Mitchell

To get started on your outdoor living dream, contact a local fence dealer, visit to find a reputable dealer or call 800-782-8777.

Vinyl fencing systems can be color coordinated with a home's exterior for improved and long-lasting curb appeal.



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