Britain Foils Terror Plot with Help From Pakistani Officials – Liquid Explosives Could Have Been Used

It appears a major terror plot against the United States and Great Britain has been uncovered before suspected terrorists were able to blow up nine aircraft loaded with passengers traveling from the UK to the US. The security action has disrupted air travel between both nations, and put the US and Great Britain on high alert.

London Metropolitan Police Deputy Commissioner, Paul Stephenson, said “We are confident that we have disrupted a plan by terrorists to cause untold death and destruction and commit mass murder. Put simply, this was a plot to commit mass murder on an unimaginable scale."

The police have arrested 24 people, most of them believed to be British-born. Most were of Pakistani descent ranging in age from 17 to 35. One of the suspects was a recent convert to Islam. Don Stewart-Whyte, 19, recently changed his name to Abdul Wahid to reflect his new-found religion, according to the Scotsman website. Also a mother in her 20’s was taken into custody.

The police estimate that thousands of people would have been killed if the plot was successful. British intelligence first became aware that a group of British Muslims were planning an attack last year when the service received information from Pakistani authorities following the arrest of senior al-Qaeda figures.

The police put the suspects under surveillance while senior government officials, including Tony Blair were made aware of the situation. Apparently the arrests came just two days away from a potential “dry run” was made.
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They may have been planning to use a liquid explosive without a detonator, or may have planned to use an electric detonator disguised as a mobile phone or an MP3 music player. A skilled bomb maker could have taken components into the restroom while in flight to assemble the explosive.

Michael Chertoff, the US homeland security secretary, said the plot had been stopped just in time. "This is not a circumstance where you have a handful of people sitting around, coming up with dreamy ideas about terrorist plots. The conception, the large number of people involved, the sophisticated design of the devices that were being considered and the sophisticated nature of the plan, all suggest that this group that came together to conspire was very determined, very skilled, and very capable."



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