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How can commercial firms make football fans happy, besides selling T-shirts with names of favorite players? The largest German trading company "Quelle" found such original souvenir from World Cup 2006 ­ this is “exclusive” grass from Berlin Olympic stadium football arena after final game.

The whole of surface will be sold out in parts with “quality certificate”, as company advertisement says. For 75Euro you will be able to buy an original piece of field, trampled by World Cup 2006 finalists’ football boots, in two variants.

The first one ­ is “live grass surface” (30x20cm), which, as advertisement says, will be placed in a special packing, allowing keeping this football relic for a long time. It’s supposed, that later a happy holder of grass with traces of famous footballers will put this relic, say, in his garden, and then a gardener-fan will have his own “World Cup 2006 corner”.

“Field dealers” also thought about those, who have no gardens, but still want to keep an expensive “personal piece of football field”. Fot them there’s second variant ­ “conserved grass”, to be more exact, a piece of field 14х8х5 cm weighing 750 g, covered with acryl.

You can request a souvenir via Internet already.

Part of proceeds from this unusual action “Quelle” will be send to charities.

Sale of Olympic stadium lawn ­ is not the first case, when place of football battles is sold in retail. In 2005 a Brazilian company “ArteRio” also sold pieces of legendary Brazilian stadium “Marakana”, where legends of world football ­ Pele, Garrincha, Ziko and Romario - played in different years.

The idea of selling “Marrakana” was born due to tourists, trying to carry off tufts of grass with themselves. “ArteRio” employers understood that grass was in popular demand and and decided to make money on it.

The newest tendency is sale of virtual football field. The project of is an example of it.

Here you can determine the most popular football club of the world. Your voices cast for your favorite team will contribute into the team’s victory. This project enables everyone to have his/her say in favor of their favorite football team, receive in their possession a plot of the football ground shared by all the clubs and also render their help to the mentally deranged and physically handicapped children.

A common thing for such projects is charity. However, profit shares for charity and charitable foundations are different. The money funds raised during realization of this project are planned to be partially earmarked for establishing an information resource covering football events and everything that is connected with football all over the world. Charity is another aim for the funds to be invested. We have been cooperating with a big entity involved in welfare activities catering the needs of children suffering from cancer.

Invite your friends to be fans of your clubs, be involved in this project, and you will be a success in all your arrangements. For the time being you can get a piece of virtual football field for free, later you will have to pay a token contribution of $0,25. Price will grow closer to ending of voting. Thus, price of sectors is growing, and you still have a possibility to resell them later. If you outbid a piece of football field from a different person, you also can vote for other football club.

Your involvement in the project can be of help for everybody.

A time has come to vote. Most probable that you have your own favorite football team. You can cast your voice and even many voices for your team! In the virtual time regime you will be able to see a higher rating of your team during the general polling.

We wish all the success to your team!



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