Two Secret Things Almost No One Does (But Should) That Will Literally Force Your Biceps into New Massive Growth

Two Secret Things Almost No One Does (But Should) That Will Literally Force Your Biceps into New Massive Growth

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Big guns, pipes, or massive biceps, it really does not matter what you call them; the desire for big or bigger biceps probably started more young men on the bodybuilding road than anything else.

Trouble is you rarely see anyone, these days with truly impressive biceps.

Yet I don’t think that a month goes by, that somewhere in the world, in some magazine, there is not an article on how to build bigger biceps.

So what can the culprit be, it certainly should not be lack of information, and contrary to popular belief, just about everyone can increase the size of their biceps if they work at it correctly.

And this leads me to my first secret, well to be honest it is not really a secret, but I hardly see anyone doing it so for all intensive purposes it might as well be.

Lower the weight you are currently using for your biceps exercises, there I said it, I do not care if you are doing straight bar curls, or using an ez-curl bar, doing them with dumbbells or on an incline—lower the weight you are using—if you want to grow that is.

Before you think I am crazy, let me explain, anytime I walk in the gym I see the same thing, guys doing some weird barbell curl, I like to call, use every muscle in your body but your biceps to get the weight up curl.

Oh sure it looks cool, you are using a ton of weight for your “curls”, but honestly, how much do you think your biceps were involved in ACTUALLY lifting the weight.

Chances are it was next to nothing, and that’s exactly how much your biceps will grow from doing that kind of curl.

So if you are really serious about building bigger biceps only use as much weight as you can lift using only your biceps. No jerking the weight up or using tons of momentum.

Keep your elbows tucked into your sides or slightly behind and simply use your biceps to curl the weight up.

Now I realize that you can never completely isolate your biceps, but the goal here is to make your biceps do as much of the work as possible.

And this leads me to my second secret.

If you are unable to flex your biceps, and keep them flexed, as you curl the weight, the weight you are using is too heavy.

Here is what I want you to do the next time you are scheduled to train biceps, take an empty bar, or the lightest set of dumbbells you can find, and try this.

Before you start your curl, flex your biceps, now start the lift. You do not have to lift super-slow, just make sure you are under control, at the top, squeeze your biceps hard for a count, and then slowly lower the bar or dumbbells down and repeat—all while keeping your biceps flexed, yes even during the lowering part!

This might not sound like much, but trust me if you have not been training this way, you are going to get a wicked pump in your biceps, and chances are you will be sore the next day.

But here is the kicker your biceps will be sore, not your shoulders, lower back, and traps, it will be where you want the soreness to be, in your biceps.

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I must state it again, the goal here is to make your biceps do as much of the work as possible, not the rest of your body.


I know training this way is going to be hard on your ego, at first, but trust me when you start stretching out your shirt sleeves to new dimensions—you will be very glad you made the change!



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