Xbox 360 and Computer Gaming - Microsoft to release XNA Game Studio Express make your own Games

Xbox 360 and Computer Gaming - Microsoft to release XNA Game Studio Express make your own Games

Microsoft is planning on showing off a toolkit called XNA Game Studio Express which allows you to make your own games for the Xbox 360 or a Windows PC. You would be able to develop games that could be played on both platforms with this set of developer’s tools. This is a unusual for these tool to be available for programming a game console with free software.

Microsoft will demonstrate the software at Gamefest which is a show for game developers being held in Seattle this week. There will be two different version of the software, one while be a free “express” version and another is a full set of Visual Studio tools for professional programmers.

The software is anticipated to be available for free in beta version by the end of this month. The release date of the completely working software should be ready for the holidays.

Microsoft wants to develop a network of hobby gamers within the Xbox community. There are hopes that developer hobbyists would pay $99 fee to participate in a website that would make it possible to share their games with others. These games would only be accessible if you have paid for the membership. Microsoft also wants to be able to control the hit games from the flops. That is one reason that Microsoft is closing its access to members only at this time. In the future this could change as they work out a better rating system for games.

Microsoft is hoping to keep loyalty with current game enthusiasts. The Sony PlayStation is due to release its new version this fall.

Microsoft has also gained support at 10 universities to include it as courses for their new software tool for developing games. There are hopes that new talents and new hit games will emerge from this developer’s toolkit.



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