Elvis Presley - $3 Million Reward if you can find the King Alive

Elvis Presley - $3 Million Reward if you can find the King Alive

On August 16th the 29th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley has caused one person to offer a $3 million reward for anyone that can show that he is still alive.

Adam Muskiewicz is a writer, actor and filmmaker along with a producer colleague set up a website called www.elviswanted.com. They are working on a movie called “The Truth about Elvis”, which will be a documentary that is reporting on the myth that Elvis is still alive today.

The belief is that Elvis Presley faked his death on August 16th, 1977. His tombstone middle name is spelled wrong. His middle name is spelled Aron, while on the tombstone it is spelled Aaron.

Many books have been written on the conspiracy theory that Elvis Presley faked his death. There were reports that people that saw Elvis in the casket thought that he didn’t look like Elvis. And of course there have been the Elvis sightings.

There was a survey of 175 people that either knew Elvis or were fans of the singer who is being interviewed for an upcoming documentary for next year. Of these people 75% of these people believe Elvis is dead while 25% believe he is still alive.

They are betting that if Elvis is alive that he would deny it if he was asked. You can contact the producers at the Elvis wanted website.



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