Biography of Robinho, Robson de Souza

Biography of Robinho, Robson de Souza

A so-called “new Pele” appears in Brazil every year. Football journalists often give this name to good, but not super-talented, footballers. Recently we have an opportunity to watch a birth of a new football “miracle”. Date of birth: 25.01.1984Country: BrazilClub: SantosHeight: 170 cmWeight: 60 kgRole: forwardBiographyA so-called “new Pele” appears in Brazil every year. Football journalists often give this name to good, but not super-talented, footballers. Recently we have an opportunity to watch a birth of a new football “miracle”. And Pele himself has opened this “miracle”.

In 1999 a great guru came back to his dear Santos to be a couch for growing youth. During the first day of his work he noticed a 15-years-old guy named ROBINHO.After training Pele came to a boy and told he reminded him of himself in his young years. And really, they physically resembled each other a lot – both swarthy, thin and with cheeky smiles, that throw into confusion. Pele was very glad to such a windfall. This teenager coped with a ball capitally. Pele invited a boy’s father for the next training.

A great player worried that atmosphere a boy was brought up in can damage his football carrier. Brazil – is the largest manufacturer of beef, sugar, coffee… and professional footballers in the world. Young guys from all cities do want to be footballers – this dream is probably the most popular in Brazil. Ability to play football – is one of signs of their nationality. But social inequality is also widespread in Brazil. Whereas middle class earns money, comparable to European, the poorest groups are just leading a beggarly life.

Football is one of few ways to escape poverty for millions of Brazilian boys. There’s also sad alternative – crimes and sale of drugs.ROBINHO had to come through all these troubles. He was born in one of the poorest district of the city. His father was a usual plumber, mother – a charwoman. His family had no money. His only passion was playing with a ball since morning till night. ROBINHO managed to avoid traps of poor Brazilian youth – drugs and delinquency.But let’s return to that training.

Father came with his son the following week. Pele was asking a boy’s father about his son’s behavior at home and in school for a long. Soon the “Football King” had to change his line, but his admonitions were not lost on them.Three years later, being 18, Robin made his debut in Santos main team. His team friend Diego and he became starts of the season. In 2002 this couple leaded Santos to a champion's title in national Brazilian championship… 20 years later. Diego showed his worth as a creative half-back, but Robinho eclipsed everybody. Young forward managed to score 9 goals in 29 matches. He showed striking dribble and confused rival’s full-backs with almost offensive ease.

This footballer even had his own trick «pedalada». ROBINHO was very nimble and playful, e real Brazilian style could be observed in his behavior on field. Newspapers started calling this guy a genius – a talent, which is born once in a generation. According to a season’s results, ROBINHO was called the best Brazilian “goal kicker”. In 2004 ROBINHO “ exploded” – 21 goals in 36 matches. His impetuous ascent could be compared to a space flight. According to a season’s results, press and fans made a fuss of him. In the end of 2004 a tragedy took place in his family – his mother was abducted.

Two months later Marina was found, they managed to get her back for ransom. Recently in Germany Confederations Cup took place, where ROBINHO managed to show his worth in an “adult” team and even play in final against Argentina. European grands – Real, Chelsea, Milan, Bavaria, Liverpool and Barcelona have been hunting for this guy all these years. Today ROBINHO’s dream is to move to Europe.

Clubs have just to fix up financial problems. However, many fans consider ROBINHO is still not ready for Europe. Performance attributesWe can enumerate ROBINHO’s advantages as long as we can. We will just note that this guy is one of the most “cunning” players in South America. “Little Robin” has wonderful tactics, excellent dribble, quick feet and splendid speed. But there’re also minuses. Sometimes ROBINHO’s realization leaves much to be desired. Moreover, there’s certain instability, forward has recessions. But all this can be caused by his young age.

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