Alternative Energy - Three ways to save Fuel and Energy with Magnets

Alternative Energy - Three ways to save Fuel and Energy with Magnets

The theory behind using a powerful magnetic field to improve fuel burn in combustion engines is nothing new. Magnetic fields were use to improve the combustion of fuel as early as 1940s. The US air force used magnets on their Mustang aircraft and produced greater range and performance from poor quality fuel. In 1952, Felix Bloch and Edward Mills Purcell were jointly awarded a Nobel Prize for their work on magnetic fields on solid, liquid and gas substances.

There are three ways magnets save energy and fuel.

Attach a magnet to the fuel lead pipe of your burner. The magnet conditions the fuel allowing greater combustion. This happens immediately. You produce more heat for the same amount of fuel and harmful emission is cut. I have Calorgas (Liquid Petroleum Gas) central heating. Since attaching a magnet, my direct debit has been cut by 110%. If your boiler is old and inefficient, instead of buying a new boiler, try a magnet first.

In addition the cleaner burn means that the boiler will need less servicing and lasts longer. If your boiler is already efficient, then the benefit will be less. You cannot create energy during a chemical reaction. Magnets, however, allow as close to 100% combustion. Instead of buying an expensive new boiler, attach a magnet.

Attach a magnet to the fuel feed of your car and your save fuel, energy and reduce emission. The magnet improves combustion. This produces better miles per gallon, more power and a smoother running engine.

In 1992, The Warren Springs Laboratories, the UK Government DTI's own vehicle testing department, were commissioned to carry out extensive trials on the benefits of magnetic fuel on motor vehicles and were very surprised by the results. Their 16-page in-depth report confirmed increased power, improved fuel economy and a reduction in harmful emissions.

If your car is old with poor emission levels, the magnet will slowly clean the engine. So initially the emission will be higher than expected but eventually the level will drop significantly. A friend of mine tows a caravan with his Peugeot 2L HDi Partner Quicksilver. Since attaching a magnet his mpg has jumped up a further 10 mpg. Normally you would expect about 10% improvement.

Magnets stop and reduce lime scale. Lime scale forms because the solubility of calcium carbonate decreases with increased temperature. As calcium carbonate separates out, lime scale is formed.

Lime scale affects heat transfer. A layer of calcium carbonate 25mm. thick can decrease heat transfer by 95% and a 0.5mm layer of silica causes a decrease of 90%. In addition if lime scale collects on the heating element in your hot water tank, the element will not last long. Lime scale causes problems in washing machines.

If a magnet is attached at an angle perpendicular to the flow of water, it stops the lime scale deposits and breaks down the deposited lime scale. No one knows exactly why this happens but the magnet keeps calcium and magnesium in solution and stops them separating out and producing lime scale. It also lowers surface tension and stabilises pH. The magnetised water will protect your washing machine but will not stop lime scales in your kettle. This is because the magnetic effect is neutralised when the kettle is boiled.

So there you have it. With fuel prices going upwards at regular intervals, attach a magnet to your boiler, your water system and your car and save energy, save fuel, save money, reduce emission and prolong the life of your boiler and car.

With global warming a major current issue, it is up to all of us to do our bit. In Germany, if your boiler emission level is too high, your pay a fine. One day it will come to Britain and USA. If you have emission problem, a magnet will quickly solve it. The right magnet will keep its magnetic properties for 100 years and you take it with you when you move home or change cars. It needs no maintenance. You just simply forget about it.

Dr. Phil Hariram continues to save energy with a magnet attached to his boiler, water system and car. He also has a magnetic wristband which controls his backache and enables him to not take painkillers. Visit his website and learn the benefits of magnets.



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