Was Tom Cruise Fired Because He Offended the Bosses Wife? Claims of Offending Women and Brook Shields

Was Tom Cruise Fired Because He Offended the Bosses Wife? Claims of Offending Women and Brook Shields

I doubt Sumner Redstone fired Tom Cruise for jumping on a couch or standing on a limousine? I also doubt it was Tom’s wackiness or his commitment to Scientology? His explanation just seemed lacking. Could it have been Tom Cruise asked for too much money or maybe Sumner thought Tom’s days as a star were numbered?

It seems that everyone has their own opinion. The TMZ blog site is reporting that Cruise was fired because he angered Redstone’s wife. TMZ says “Paula Fortunato, Redstone's wife, was "incensed" by one of Cruise's rants, and told her honcho husband that she was boycotting Cruise's product forever.” A Viacom spokesman admits Mrs. Redstone disagrees with Cruise but “she and Mr. Redstone see every Paramount film."

TMZ claims that Cruise has alienated female fans. They add that Fortunato was outraged by Cruise's inexplicable digs at Brooke Shields. On Access Hollywood (May 26th 2005) Cruise had claimed that Shields was “misguided” in her used of the anti-depressant Paxil. He also said the actress’s career was over.

Shields had admitted to using Paxil to fight post-natal depression following the birth of her daughter, Rowan. Cruise said he has helped others fight addiction using Scientology, and said Shields should have used vitamins to fight her depression.

Investors question the wisdom of letting Cruise leave Paramount. This was one of the five dumbest things on Wall Street this week, according to MSN. Viacom stock is down 9% for 2006, despite a big buyback, leaving some media types grumbling that Redstone has undermined the brass at Viacom's Paramount studios with his very public dismissal of Cruise.

By Nancy Connors



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