Total Lunar Eclipse lasting Four Hours - West Coast gets best view

Total Lunar Eclipse lasting Four Hours - West Coast gets best view

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[Best Syndication] If you are on the West Coast of the United States you will have an opportunity to view a total lunar eclipse this night. The peak time to see the complete eclipse is 3:37 a.m. early in the Tuesday morning hours.

The beginning of the eclipse will start just a few hours after midnight. What makes this eclipse unique is that Earth is directly between the moon and the sun. The duration is also exceptional, lasting over four hours. The moon is expected to be shadowed by Earth for around 90 minutes during the peak time of the eclipse.

While the Earth is casting a shadow on the moon, you will expect to see a reddish or brownish glow around the moon. The glowing light is caused by the sun casting light around planet Earth.

You don’t have to worry about looking at the lunar eclipse like you would a solar eclipse. The moon is safe to look at and you can even see it without a telescope. Unfortunately, the lunar eclipse is going to be best seen along the West Coast. There will be a slight showing across the US through to the East Coast, but it won’t be as dramatic. The other continents are going to miss out on this one.

If you have a telescope, or binoculars, you might want to get them out so you can get a closer look at the glowing light that surrounds the moon during the eclipse.

By Dusty Rhodes
Best Syndication News Science Writer

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Total lunar eclipse on March 3rd, 2007, Skerries, Ireland YouTube Video



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