Is Drug Prohibition Working? Recent Report Says No – ABC News Nightline Describes a Bleak Picture of Nueva Laredo Mexico

Is Drug Prohibition Working?  Recent Report Says No – ABC News Nightline Describes a Bleak Picture of Nueva Laredo Mexico

Back in January, ABC News Nightline ran a story about the horrible drug violence happening in Nuevo Laredo Mexico, just across the border from Laredo Texas. Last night they ran the same story again and said the violence has gotten worse.

Last year there were about 200 murders in the city, and already this year there have been about the same number. Most observers say the violence will not get better until one of the drug gangs takes over. Rick Saldana, of the DEA said “I think the violence will go down when one or the other cartel gets control of the area or there's a truce between the two." Comment on this Article on our Forum

This is not a very optimistic outcome. In fact, it makes you wonder if the United States is on the right track. Law enforcement is unable to stem the tide of drugs entering this country. Maybe it is time to rethink prohibition.

The Nightline broadcast reported that “The federal show of force has calmed the city since a wave of particularly horrific violence last summer. But the cartels are so rich and local authorities so corrupt that no one is under any illusions that the Mexican government has them on the run.”

Why make these drug cartels so rich? Would you start using drugs if they became legal? Doubtful, but the elimination of drug prohibition could lower the price of illegal drugs, thus lowering the crime rate. Drug users would not be going to their neighborhood dealer for their drugs anymore, but would be getting them from Walgreens or Rite-Aid. Comment on this Article on our Forum

It is a hard pill to swallow: Legalizing drugs. But we have put every effort in preventing drug use and the distribution of illegal drugs. None of this has worked. I wonder when the country will be ready for such a change.

By Tom Madison



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