Parkinson’s Disease Condition Improves with Implantation of Brain Electrodes – Alleviate Symptoms Better than Medication

Parkinson’s Disease Condition Improves with Implantation of Brain Electrodes – Alleviate Symptoms Better than Medication

Researchers say that conditions for Parkinson’s patients can be improved by placing electrodes into their brains. They say this is better than maintaining the patients on the best available medicinal treatments.

This new study backs up brain stimulation as an effective treatment. UPI reports that about 60 percent of patients undergoing deep brain stimulation achieved significant improvement compared to no change for those patients on medicine in the randomized, controlled clinical trial.

Researcher Michele Tagliati told Ed Susman, “This procedure shows we can actually 'turn back the clock' and improve our patients quality of life. The best we hope for with medicine is to stabilize a patient's condition. With deep brain stimulation, we actually see improvements. We see home runs. People go back to work."

Health Day News reports that deep brain stimulation is more effective for patients with advanced disease than medication. They quote Dr. Guenther Deuschl, professor of neurology and chairman of the department of neurology at Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany as saying "Deep brain stimulation improves the quality of life in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease at a stage when medical treatment is no longer able to improve quality of life. It is important that the time during which these (deep brain stimulation) patients were immobile decreased highly significantly, the time with good mobility increased, and the sleep time also increased."

Deep brain stimulation does not cure Parkinson’s Disease, but it does temporarily shut down activities of the brain cells in that area of the brain that causes tremors and other symptoms. The researchers say the stimulators may have fewer side effects than medication.

By Marsha Quinn



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