When Do You Need Mesothelioma Attorney

When Do You Need Mesothelioma Attorney

Mesothelioma is a type of preventable cancer that is caused by inhaling the dust or particles of the deadly mineral Asbestos. The symptoms range from shortness of breath, chest pains, and persistent cough in the early stages to abdominal pain, swelling and tumors growing in the tissues that surround the heart and if left untreated could cause death within 24 months.

It has a long latency period in that the symptoms of the disease can take many years to manifest, making both diagnosis and effective treatment very difficult. Therefore, people who worked with asbestos industry perhaps thirty or forty years ago are only now being diagnosed with this disease.

Many employers and manufacturers knew about the dangers of asbestos when they exposed employees to this material, but deliberately kept quiet and as the effects of this exposure are coming to light, these companies are being forced to pay out millions to sufferers. As more cases of Mesothelioma are reported, a wide range of lawyers and law firms have started to specialize in Mesothelioma law suits to get victims and their families the compensation they deserve.

Choose an attorney immediately after diagnosis, because there is a time limit set with regards to how long you have to take action against the Company. This varies from State to State and failing to adhere to this could render your case ineligible.

Look only for those experienced in dealing with Mesothelioma lawsuits as they will have the resources and contacts to deal with your case quickly and efficiently. You can search the Internet for a suitable attorney as this will enable you gauge how much experience each lawyer had in dealing with these lawsuits.

You need to discuss your case with your Attorney threadbare who will then evaluate your case and provide you with the options like whether you should pursue your case and if so which direction to take it in. as he should present a water-tight case.

Many attorneys will arrange for out of court settlements with substantial compensation payments, wherein you will not have to pay your attorney since a percentage of the compensation claimed will be collected by the attorney as contingency fee. And if they are not successful in getting compensation then you do not have to pay anything.

Even when the symptoms do become evident, they are so generalized and non-specific that they could be put down to any number of more common diseases which makes it difficult for your attorney to prove that it indeed was Mesothelioma and so also you could be unsure of when and where you were exposed to asbestos and your attorney will need to hire someone to look into this.

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