Social Networking for Cancer Patients

Social Networking for Cancer Patients

MyCancerPlace the first worldwide community for cancer patients, has just been launched. It’s allows members to create a real community where they can connect and network with other, share personal stories and emotional support, discuss treatment information and resources, listen to teleconferences, find out about cancer events, create personal web pages with text and pictures that can be updated and changed easily, and more.

“My Cancer Place is for patients and their families. It’s not a message board, but a way to form true relationships. People facing similar challenges can find each other across the miles and connect with each other as human beings,” said Michael Horwin the manager. “Although participation can lead to more informed treatment decisions through the sharing of information and resources, it’s the potential for emotional support that is the community’s greatest strength. People can use the community to help each other in different ways.”

Health organizations have been using message boards for years and MyCancerPlace represents a quantum leap out of that paradigm. “The real measure for any technology is how much does it help to make our lives better. Exchanging messages on a bulletin board allows people to share information so it helps some. But, the ability to present ourselves as people using pictures, sound recordings, and even video, create networks of friends and share information and support is a richer and more rewarding experience,” Horwin said.

The site has been set-up so anyone can easily join and have their profile, first web page, and their first friends in a few minutes. While sites like MySpace are designed for http-savvy teenagers and 20-somethings, My Cancer Place was specifically designed so that people in their middle or senior years can participate fully, and more sophisticated members can also do some creative programming. “Cancer can strike anyone at any age so it’s important that a community like this is accessible to everyone,” Horwin explained.

My Cancer Place is free and all cancer patients and their loved ones are invited to join the community. For More Information go to:



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