Tips for Successful Paid Survey Takers

Tips for Successful Paid Survey Takers

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Taking paid surveys has become popular enough for lots of people now experiencing earning cash and prizes online with no effort. Paid surveys are easy to sign up for, easy to complete and easy to earn from. Here are some tips for successful paid surveys takers who wish to maximize their cash and fun from taking paid surveys.

How should I choose which paid surveys to take?

That’s actually easier than you might think. But there are certain rules of thumb that you might wish to consider before taking a plunge in paid surveys. Choosing a legitimate paid surveys database is the crucial first step that determines whether and how much you end up earning. You might also try to locate good survey sites by yourself, but searching and browsing each one of them will surely be quite tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, you may sign up for a free survey sites database that offers a comprehensive listing of legitimate paid surveys sites. Remember, sign up for a free paid survey database, because you need not pay for something that you otherwise may get for free.

How many survey sites should I subscribe to?

The number of paid survey sites you can subscribe to is entirely up to you. You may join a couple of survey sites, or you may join a hundred survey sites. However, keep in mind that a single survey company sends 2-4 surveys on average per month, while for some periods it may not even have available surveys. If you rely on taking paid surveys for more regular cash, you need to maximize your chances of earning, in case some survey company doesn’t send you surveys for some time. Therefore, subscribing to more than a few paid survey sites is a good strategy if you want a more regular stream of cash from paid surveys.

How do I avoid scams and spams?

To avoid getting spammed or scammed, you should be careful before you subscribe to particular survey sites. Always watch out for the incentives that a survey company promises. If they are too unrealistic and exaggerated, then you should be extremely cautious and better stay away. Also, read the terms and conditions and privacy policies of paid survey sites. Moreover, all legitimate survey sites have customer service, so that when you try to get in touch, you’ll get attention. Do not readily provide sensitive personal information, and inquire if your personal data is shared with third parties, and for what purposes. Paid surveys are a part of the huge advertising industry, so you more or less agree to learn about new products and service, evaluate pre-launch products, or try services for free. However, excessive spamming is not what a legitimate survey company would do without your consent.

How can I maximize my earning?

Take all the $3 surveys or wait for the $200 ones? Although the idea of getting all the three-digit-payout surveys is quite alluring, it’s also quite illusionary. Paid surveys companies do indeed send some $100-$200 surveys, but that happens quite rarely. Most of the time survey companies send more moderate-pay surveys that might pay some $2 to $15 and require not more than 10 minutes or half an hour to complete. Consider the highest-payout surveys as a bonus, and make sure you complete most of the moderate-pay surveys. In the end, you might have earned more with $3 surveys than with a single $200 survey.

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