Stupid Middle East Policy Benefits Some But Hurts Others – Israel Will Become Muslim Country

Stupid Middle East Policy Benefits Some But Hurts Others – Israel Will Become Muslim Country

Nouri al-Maliki

The US foreign policy is a mish-mash of mixed signals and mistakes. We have a habit of sticking our noses into other countries affairs using either the carrot or the stick to get what we want. We threaten Iran and North Korea while we offer other nations money to do what we want, but again with the threat of loss. But has this cornucopia of foreign interventionism helped the American people? Maybe, but maybe not.

If you were making money from weapons sales during the 1980s, when we were giving arms to Saddam, you were ahead of the game. If you have a son that is now fighting the war in Iraq, your fortunes may be quite different.

Saddam is out of power in Iraq and the government is quite different, but does our policy make any sense? Many of the people running things in Iraq were in exile in Iran during Saddam’s reign. These leaders are typically sympathetic with their Iranian Shiite brothers. So why are we arming and training this new Iraqi government while calling Iran part of the axis of evil. Comment on this Article at our Forum

The new Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, has proposed an amnesty program for those Iraqis that “had attacked only U.S. troops”. Washington Post writers, Ellen Knickmeyer and Jonathan Finer, commented on this on June 15. They said that this is just one part of a reconciliation plan for Iraq. Maliki said that the plan could include amnesty for those "who weren't involved in the shedding of Iraqi blood."

The Prime Minister also wanted the ability to try US soldiers in Iraqi courts. This did not sit well with many US lawmakers, and it shouldn’t. But why are we still training these people.

But history has a way of repeating itself. Twenty five years ago, the US supplied weapons and money to Saddam Hussein. Today we are giving weapons and money to Israel, along with loan guarantees and other benefits. Of course this is not new, but some worry that these riches could end up in the enemy’s hands.

Jon E. Dougherty reported for on January 12th 2004, that the Jewish state of Israel will cease to exist somewhere around 2035. Jon informs us that according to the Arab Strategic Report, published by the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in London, Israel will become a Muslim state in less than 30 years.

The Report concludes that because the birthrate of Arab Muslims living in Israel is higher than that of the Israel Jew, the Jews will be outnumbered. According to the report, Israel will become a Palestinian Arab State where the Jews will live "in the shadow of Arab culture." This is not rocket science; all they had to do was look at the numbers and the rate of change to determine this.

So does our Middle East policy make sense? Did it make sense to give Saddam poison gas and other weapons during the 1980s? Why give the pro-Iranian government of Iraq money and weapons now? Does it make sense to provide money and weapons to Israel? It seems like the politicians think we are made of money and don’t care what they do with it. Comment on this Article at our Forum

By Tom Madison
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