Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Did See Each Other – But Were They Dating? Some See It As Publicity Stunt

Jessica Simpson and John Mayer Did See Each Other – But Were They Dating?  Some See It As Publicity Stunt

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Although Jessica Simpson has denied any relationship with John Mayer, just the accusation seems to make Mayer “very uncomfortable”. One thing for sure, the 28 year old Mayer seems to be a level headed intelligent guy.

In a recent interview posted by Us Magazine, he says “There are real crises in the world; there are people who are fighting to keep their house warm and I'm not going to sit here and bite my nails because someone says that I might possibly have gone a date with a beautiful blond girl.”

He says he loves to play his guitar and that if people buy his album out of curiosity because he was linked to Jessica Simpson, “In my mind, that's cheating.” He could have given a million responses to the question, but this one answer was the best and honest one. John Mayer Continuum is in stores Tuesday by-the-way.

But every “good guy” has friends, and Mayer is no different. The Boston Globe reports that Mayer dumped the 26 year old Simpson after just one week of dating. The friends said that the actress was just using him to gain “publicity”. That has got to be one of the strangest comments of the day, because she is much more famous than him.

Some have speculated that Jessica feels the need to keep-up-with-the Lacheys. Her ex-husband has been having a very public affair with MTV presenter Vanessa Minnillo. A source close to Mayer told Us Weekly magazine: "The thing between Jessica and John was a two that her camp spun into an 11. John thinks it's a desperate attempt to stay in the spotlight."

A friend of Jessica was even quoted by People magazine as saying they were "in love". Later Simpson told the morning television show, “The View”, that there was no relationship. She also told Ellen DeGeneres that “I wish I was in love, I need to be in love.”

By Dan Wilson
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