Storm Panels: Various Types of Hurricane Shutters Storm Panels Reviewed

Storm Panels: Various Types of Hurricane Shutters Storm Panels Reviewed

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Removable storm panels are probably the most cost-effective form of hurricane protection you can purchase for your home. They are extremely effective at repelling hurricane and tropical storm force winds, rain, and flying debris. There are basically 3 types of removable storm panels: Aluminum panels, Clear storm panels, and galvanize steel storm panels. Storm panels are known for their rock solid sturdiness and relatively easy set-up. Storm panels engineered in Florida are designed to meet the most stringent wind codes accepted in South Florida by Miami-Dade County.

Storm panels are designed to slide in to an upper H-track (Header) and fasten to a bottom track with washer based wind nuts. Tracks can be painted any color but generally come in white or bronze finish. For storage, the panels can be stacked away in your garage or shed. Certain types of panels can be attached right to the wall around the window with out tracks by using concrete anchors and stainless steel screws. Of all the various types of hurricane protection, storm panels are the most labor intensive to put up involving some with relative strength. Steel panels are the heaviest and have been known to cause injury by falling on people’s feet, so you have to be careful when putting them up. Aluminum panels are the next heaviest and clear panels are the lighted to put up. All types stack away in a relatively small space in your garage.

Clear storm panels have increased in popularity tremendously in the last few years. People generally like them because they let light in when you have them up. They tend to be about twice as expensive as aluminum panels. Some people opt to put up one clear panel per window and the rest aluminum, this way light still enters the home and you avoid that in-a-cave feeling during the storm. Clear panels are fairly light and can be stacked away in the garage for easy storage. There are basically 2 types of clear panels, Lexan and Protexan. They are made by two different companies but are a similar product.

Aluminum storm panels are by far the most popular due to their cost-effective price and relative ease of application. The installation is not very difficult and can be performed by handy people, however most people opt to have the company they purchased install the product due to issues such as obstacles around the windows. As stated previously, many people opt to include one clear panel on each window and the rest aluminum. Galvanized steel storm panels have fallen out of favor with consumers due to their weight and the availability of aluminum and clear products.

In conclusion, storm panel shutters are a very cost-effective and good choice for your hurricane shutter needs. They are strong and effective at protecting your home. They stack away easily and are relatively easy to put up. Whether your choose aluminum, steel or clear panels you are effectively protecting your home from hurricane force winds, rains and flying debris.



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